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Men’s Business Casual Dressing For A Creative Job

Men’s fashion has been at a renaissance over the last few years. Today, dark suits, plain shirts and safe, sensible ties are considered boring even for the wolves of Wall Street. So how about the creative industry workforce? How do you supposedly nail the business casual outfit?

Everyday uniforms of hoodies and plain, dark t-shirts are only allowed if you happen to be a Zuckerberg or a Jobs. For the rest of you, dress like that, and you will look 10 years older and be frowned upon by your colleagues.

Therefore, nailing the business casual outfit combination is essential to command respect and more importantly, to ace that first impression. So check out our foolproof guide on what to wear for each day of the week!

Maverick Mondays

Men’s Business Casual Dressing For A Creative Job 123RF Blog - Men's blue blazer and plaid shirt

The energy levels around the office are understandably low following a much needed weekend. Most of you probably used the time off for taking shots on Friday, pub crawling on Saturday and beer and barbecue on Sunday. Or perhaps simply laying at home all weekend playing Fortnite sounds pretty dang interesting.

Whatever it may be, Mondays are dreaded. However, you are not like everyone else. You are ready to step up your game, especially as Mondays are when a client or two usually pop in. The answer? Keep that mundane plain shirt back in the closet and be creative with your business casual outfit.  

Top: A plaid shirt will never go out of style. Your granddad wore it. Your dad popularized it. And you will refine it. Just pop on a well tailored light blazer and you are all set.

Bottom: A pair of black/dark blue jeans is an all time classic. Footwear: Black Chelsea boots offers you the versatility to dress up your outfit and stand out from the crowd.

Trendy Tuesdays

Men’s Business Casual Dressing For A Creative Job 123RF Blog - Man with glasses on yellow background

Alright so the Monday office blues are out of the way. You feel on top of the world, almost. However, what good is all that positive vibes if you do not channel it?

Therefore, for Tuesdays, opt for a trendy piece. Once a week, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. So go bold and make a fashion statement with your business casual dressing. You are sure to get heads turning with this one.

Top: Floral shirts are one of the hottest trends in men’s fashion. A short sleeve one is perfect for warmer days.

Bottom: Feel free to repeat Monday’s black jeans. The darker tone allows for the floral shirt to steal the limelight, while keeping it appropriate for the office. You do not want to look like you just walked out of the bar and headed straight for work.

Footwear: A pair of white trainers completes the look as it keeps the outfit fresh.   

Warm Wednesdays

Men’s Business Casual Dressing For A Creative Job 123RF Blog - Knitwear for men

Its mid week. Its two days from the weekend and two days into work. Similarly, you are neither here nor there. You are pumped for Saturday, however, you also are buried under a ton of work. So let’s keep things simple for today, with comfort being the top priority.

Opt for something warm, fuzzy and comforting. If fried chicken is your answer, you are close. A knitwear is would be the best option. Please bear in mind that your high school/college hoodie does not qualify. You are no longer a jock who gives out wet willies. Instead, you are a kick a$$ creative who has your week and business casual outfit sorted.

Top: A knitted maroon cardigan and a polo allows you to keep it comfy while also putting up a professional look for work.

Bottom: Beige chinos brilliantly compliments your top. It gives the whole outfit a tonal look, making it especially perfect for autumn.  

Footwear: It is about time to make use of your dark brown loafers that are usually left to collect dust until the weekend.  

Tipsy Thursdays

Men’s Business Casual Dressing For A Creative Job 123RF Blog - Men's denim shirt

And so we have arrived at the cusp of the weekend. Much of the week’s workload is done and dusted. You walk in with a kick in your step and others around you can sense it. Therefore, the chances are you would get invited for a night out with the team, down in your local pub.

As for your outfit, effortlessly stylish is the name of the game. You want to strike the perfect balance of looking like you put in some thought into your outfit, but not the kind where you had to stay awake all night to figure out. Here, a denim on denim looks great for the office and the pub.

Top: A blue denim shirt must have, as it screams masculine and stylish.

Bottom: For the ultimate denim on denim, opt for Monday’s black jeans.

Footwear: Your black Chelsea boots promises add a Harry Styles-esque vibe to the whole outfit.

Frisky Fridays

Men’s Business Casual Dressing For A Creative Job 123RF Blog - Men's grey suit and black polo

As Rebecca Black would say it, it’s Friday, Friday, so you gotta get down on Friday!  You probably have a date for today. Hence, you have a dinner reservation made at that cozy Italian restaurant. It is somewhat fancy, but nothing too over the top. And the same rules applies to your outfit.

You want a combination that fits the dress code. Plus, cleaning up for a date shows initiative and effort. However, you also want to avoid being too formal. The answer? Suit up and dress down, gentlemen.

Top: Grey suit and a black polo or tee. Dressing down a suit is an essential skill, especially on special occasions, so do away with the usual white oxford.

Bottom: Go for the same shade of grey for your suit pants.

Footwear: Save your leather brogues for another day. Therefore, white trainers are perfect for this, giving off a dressed-down vibe. In addition, if your date turns to be a creep, these trainers will come in handy when you need to make a run for it.

So there you have it, our daily business casual dressing guide for the creative industry. If you are looking to remain inspired at work, check out 10 techniques on staying creative.  Additionally, read up on 9 key steps to developing your creative process.

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