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Why Creativity is the Best Addition to Easter Marketing

Easter marketing has always been a special holiday for retailers. However, in the last few years, online buyers have been steadily increasing in numbers, a trend likely fueled by the ease with which the internet can be accessed via mobile devices. It’s now more important than ever that your Easter marketing message possesses the creative spark that will make it stand out from the rest.

There’s Money to Be Made with a Creative Easter Marketing Campaign

Almost 80% of Americans get into the spirit of Easter. On average, each person will spend around $150 on Easter-themed gifts, including candy, clothing, cards, and food. As more buyers go online, it’s increasingly important for your campaigns to stand out from the crowd. Planning for a campaign with Easter in mind? Creativity in your Easter marketing message will go a long way toward converting more sales.

Creativity Can Enhance Your Brand Presence

For many people, Easter is a profoundly religious holiday. Depending on your demographic, an Easter based theme of fluffy-tailed bunny rabbits with a basket full of chocolate eggs may not suit your brand. However, you could still get into the spirit of things by theming your campaign around spring.

If Easter in all it’s chocolatey glory does fit in with your brand, then you should embrace it in your marketing campaigns and find creative ways to connect with your audience. Think about the symbols of Easter, such as eggs, fluffy bunnies in topcoats, and plenty of appealing pastel colors.

Custom Packaging Gets Attention

A custom-designed gift box just for Easter is an excellent strategy to enhance your product and get people into the spirit of the holiday. Easter-themed products bundled into a gift basket will be fun for your customers to send out.

Exclusive offers tailored around the Easter theme is an excellent way for customers to relate to your brand. Even though Easter doesn’t have command over the gift buying dollar quite like Christmas, there are still plenty of opportunities to create Easter-themed offers that can inspire your customers into action.

Easter marketing is competitive, so the sooner you start planning this year’s campaign, the better off your business will be. As a marketer, embrace your creative side to come up with creative Easter-themed ideas that will make your customers take notice. Explore more marketing topics on our blog, or check out some design inspiration to fuel your creativity.

Images by Yulia Grigoryeva, 123RF.

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