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Uploading Identification

If you have already signed up as a 123RF contributor, the next step would be to upload your identification on our site. We’ve updated our system to make the verification process quicker and much more smooth for you. Check out our video on how to go about uploading identification.

Why Should You Upload Your Identification?

Our ID/Passport requirement serves as verification to establish the authenticity of each account holder. It also helps us confirm that you, the account holder are above 18 years of age. For official payment purposes, we also have to determine the identity of the person that we’re making payments to.

Getting started as a contributor on our site is fairly easy. Check out our procedure down below.

  • Log in to your account

  • Access your Dashboard

  • Click on the “Account Settings” tab on the left

  • Click on the “Upload ID” tab


  • At ID Verification, click on the "Continue" button to proceed.

  • You will be required to fill up your personal information following 4 easy steps.


  • Step 1 - Fill up your Country of Residence, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Phone Number. Ensure that your details matches your ID.


  • Step 2 - Select your preferred type of Identification to Upload.


  • Step 3 - Upload your Passport or ID/Driving License according to the requirements stated.


  • Step 4 - For ID Verification, please upload a selfie of you holding your ID. Do ensure that your ID is clear and legible.

  • Once done, kindly refresh your page and you'll see a confirmation stating your ID has been submitted for verification.


Agree to the Various 123RF Contributor Agreement(s)

Depending on the type of content that you wish to submit to, you will have to read, understand and agree to the various agreements. The most fundamental agreement that every contributor has to agree with is the 123RF Contributor Agreement. The other Agreements are as follows:

Click on the I Agree button to denote that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated in the agreements above.

Upload Content for Initial Review

Once you’ve done all the above, please send us some sample content (about 10 will do) for the initial review. If you have uploaded and keyworded all your content, please give us about a week to go through the content. If you find that we have not yet approved or rejected your content, please email us at and let us know your User ID, we will then expedite the review for you.

We have also included the following guide to aid you with the upload process.

All accepted content will be added to your portfolio within 48 working hours. If you don’t see any updates, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call our hotline.

Explore the rest of our blog to learn how you can set up your contributor account. We look forward to having you on board. Happy contributing!


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