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Procedure for Removing Uploaded Content

  • Click on “Manage Content” on the left sidebar.

  • Select the content you want to delete from the correct tab. Note: You can select more than one.

  • Click on the “bin” icon to delete the selected content.

  • Click “Yes” to proceed to delete the selected content.

And you’re all done with removing uploaded content! If you still have any questions, or are encountering issues with removing uploaded content from our platform, check out this page, or shoot Contributor Support a quick email. Click on the following links for more guides on being a Contributor, Trending Keywords that that give you monthly insights on what buyers are looking for, and possibly get featured on our Artists Page. And, if you landed on this page by accident, here’s a question for you…

Are you a content creator?

We always look forward to your artistic creations! Submit your creative work and earn passive income by beefing up your portfolio in our library. Share your portfolio on your social media accounts to pull traffic in! Completely new to 123RF? Explore our guides on how to get started as a creative contributor.

If you’re new to the Microstock Industry, read this to see where your stock photo submissions will be applied after buyers purchase them. For more information on what happens when you sign up as a contributor, explore our official blog contributor archive.


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