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Top 5 Photo Retouching Projects You Should Try

Just starting out in design? Playing with photos in Photoshop is a good way to practice using its tools and learn beginner to advanced techniques for photo retouching. If you haven’t already tried them out, check out the top five photo retouching projects everyone should master.

1. Change Colors

One of the first things you should learn is how to change the colors of a photo. You can do this easily by practicing on t-shirts. There are many ways you can go about changing the colors, some of which include: using adjustment layers, using blend modes, or using special filters. Master this quickly because this technique comes in pretty handy down the line whenever you want to bring more color harmony into your photos.

2. Practice Headshots

Once you conquer colors you can begin working with portrait photography. Remove wrinkles, change hair colors, and even add makeup to your models all with the help of Photoshop. Some of the tools you’ll need to get familiar with include the Clone Stamp, Burn, Dodge, and Blur Tools. With these tools alone you can create beautiful clear skin and intense lighting, but it’s also good to get as well rounded as you can in Photoshop. Find un-retouched pictures and practice your skills regularly. Refine details and learn how to push the limits with this fun and quick exercise.

3. Save and Repair Old Photos

Photo retouching is a life saver. You can make anyone’s day by learning how to repair old photos. Dig into your old pictures and discover which ones are torn, discolored, or even badly burned. Scan them into Photoshop and let the magic begin. Repair them using simple techniques and you’ll transform what was once lost into a beautiful new picture that keeps all your favorite memories intact.

4. Matte Paintings

You can combine photo retouching and painting skills to create beautiful landscapes fit for the big screen. Matte paintings are used by filmmakers to create a visual representation of a set, location, or scene in their movie. Because it often involves digital painting, you’ll also need to understand art principles to help you along the process. And although it might seem intimidating at first, let your photos do all the work and guide you to the result that you need. You’re closer to it than you think.

5. Photo Manipulations

Let your mind run wild by taking on an eclectic and out of this world photo manipulation. What you can create is really up to you! Create wondrous landscapes full of magic and lure, surrealistic portraits, or anything else your mind can conjure up! Put all the skills you’ve learned in other projects to the test and try out photo manipulations to truly master Photoshop.

Dive into your imagination and see what you can come up with! Not only do these projects help you navigate around the tools and settings of Photoshop, but they also show you how to work well with stock photos. So what are you waiting for? Have fun getting started on your next project!


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