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Elevate Your Creativity with 123RF PLUS: 8 Awesome AI Tools That'll Transform Your Work

If you've ever found yourself stuck in a creative rut or just looking for ways to jazz up your projects without spending hours on them, you're in the right place. Let's dive into the world of 123RF PLUS and discover eight super cool AI tools in 123RF's AI collection suite that are here to give your productivity and creativity a massive boost. Whether you're making content for your blog, or just playing around with ideas, these tools are like having a magic wand at your fingertips. Get instant access to the complete AI suite and unlimited downloads from 100 million PLUS images. Let’s dive into how each of these tools can transform your projects and daily tasks.


Picture this: You have a fantastic idea for an image, but drawing isn't your strong suit. No worries! The AI Image Generator is like your personal artist, turning your ideas into stunning visuals in no time. Just describe what you're imagining, and voilà, you get a unique image that fits your vision perfectly. It's fantastic for sprucing up your social media, blogs, or any project needing a visual touch. Generate with multiple AI engines, ranging from SDXL to DALL-E 3, create images in different ratio sizes, image styles, color schemes, lighting varieties, and composition techniques. Additionally, you can add a reference image too to guide your image generation!

Got an image that's a bit on the blurry side? The AI Image Upscaler is here to save the day, making your pictures look sharp and professional without losing their charm. It's like giving your images a clarity potion, ensuring they look amazing wherever you use them. Simply upload any picture and transform ordinary them into breathtaking high-resolution masterpieces, revealing intricate details you never knew existed.

Have you ever wished you could magically extend an image? Or do you sometimes feel that something is missing from your masterpiece? The AI Generative Fill is your go-to tool for this, seamlessly adding to your images as if it's always been there. It's perfect for when you need your picture to fit just right or want to fix up old photos that have seen better days. The tool seamlessly generates the missing pieces, making it appear as though the image was always complete.

Want to change the vibe of your image with a new background? With the AI Background Remix, swapping out backgrounds to match your project's theme is a breeze. It's like having a green screen studio in your pocket, ready to transport your subjects to wherever your heart desires. Upload your image, choose a preset background, or write a prompt describing your vision with our preset backgrounds, and watch your ideas come to life.

Similar to the Generative Fill, the AI Image Extender allows you to expand the borders of your images in a natural and visually appealing way. It naturally enlarges your images, making sure they fit perfectly in your layout without looking stretched or distorted. It's ideal for all your formatting needs! Upload your photo, select your ideal ratio, and watch our AI expand the image while maintaining the context of your picture. 

Stuck staring at a blank page? The AI Writer is here to get those words flowing, helping you craft everything from catchy blog titles to full-blown articles. It's like brainstorming with a buddy who's always got the right words, making writing fun and stress-free. By understanding context and following your guidelines, this tool helps streamline the content creation process, ensuring consistency and quality with minimal effort.

Need to focus on something specific in your image? The AI Background Remover helps you isolate subjects with precision, making it super easy to create clean, professional-looking visuals. It's like magic, poofing away the background and leaving you with just what you wanted to show off. It automatically detects the main subject and removes the background in a smooth cutout way without any complicated editing.

The newest tool in the arsenal, the AI Background Blur tool creates depth-of-field effects, highlighting the subject by blurring the background. Let the AI take control and let it give your photos a professional look with just a single click. Attain the coveted bokeh camera lens effect using any lens regardless of the lighting conditions, customizing your blur intensity.


Jumping into the world of AI with 123RF PLUS is like unlocking a treasure chest of creative possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, these tools are designed to make your life easier and your projects shine. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let these AI tools do the heavy lifting. Your next masterpiece is just a click away!

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