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A Beginners Guide to Prompting for Awesome yet Practical AI Images with 123RF

If you're looking to create stunning and effective images using 123RF’s Create with AI, this guide will walk you through writing compelling prompts that are sure to yield impressive results.

What are Prompts?

Prompts are short instructions or words that tell the AI what kind of image you want. The more descriptive your prompt, the better the AI can make the image you're thinking of.

So, be specific and clear in your prompts to get the best results. A good prompt helps you create a unique and cool image.

Here's an example : “Side profile of a beautiful female with mesmerizing eyes, with tribal tattoo and floral settings on her lush red flowing hair, clean dark background with ethereal glowing flower orbs, with bokeh effects, large copy space on the left.

Define a prompt structure

A good prompt helps you create a unique and cool image. The order of the structure is not set in stone, but rather a guideline. The best practice though, would be to keep medium and main subject at the start of the prompt.

Let's dive into each of the structure above so you'd understand more.

1. Medium

This sets the format or type of the image you want. It can be a painting, digital illustration, photograph, or even specify the medium like watercolor, oil, or digital. We can also include ‘settings’ that affects the medium.

Exploring Medium

Here are some examples you can try...

2. Subject

This identifies the main focus or subject matter of the image. Keep the main subject at the start of the prompt. Be as specific as possible to ensure the AI understands your vision.

3. Style

The style sets the artistic or visual treatment you want for the image. Mention the visual characteristics or a creative / art style.

At 123RF we've put in some pre-set styles for you as well, so you can explore further if you like. You may select and experiment from the following styles:

Let's compare some Styles

Here are some examples you can try and do lookout for the difference when you select a different style or include a style in your prompt ...

4. Details

Specify any specific elements or details you want in the image as an extension or adjectives to your SUBJECT(s), can include the type of background or foreground elements as well.

Exploring Details

Here are some examples you can try and do lookout for the difference when include details of specific elements as part of your prompt ...

5. Color

Describe the color scheme or palette you envision for the image. Mention colors, shades, or moods you want to convey, and it can be included as part of your adjectives within your subjects and/or details of your subjects.

Exploring Color

In the examples below, we changed our expectations on the color expectations a little bit and the results produced were very different...

6. Lighting / Camera Settings

Define the lighting conditions or camera effects you want. This helps set the mood and atmosphere of the image.

Lighting style can exist in between the subjects or in front.

As for the camera effects/settings, keep at the end of the prompt.

Exploring Lighting and Camera Settings

In the examples below, notice how we tweaked the lighting settings and we'll get different effects altogether.

The GOAL of your image

A good prompt generates an image that solves your design needs. Hence it’s important to understand the purpose of it.

For instance, what do I prompt for a product placement image to hold a tropical drink that I’m promoting?

Limit the SCOPE

Don't overwhelm the AI with too many details. Descriptive doesn’t mean flood it with details. Keep your prompt manageable and focused. If you want multiple elements, consider breaking them down into separate prompts and combining the results.

Revise and Refine

Take a moment to review and refine your prompt. Make sure it's clear, concise, and free of unnecessary details. It’ll sometimes take more than a few tries to achieve the desired output / result.

Experiment and Iterate

Don't be afraid to experiment with different prompts. Generate multiple images and choose the one that best matches your goal and vision.

What if I don't like the images that I generate?

You can always click on the Generate button once more, and that's the beauty of AI. It will give more a lot more limitless creative possibilities.

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