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123RF AI Image Generator: Introducing Open Journey, TurboVisionXL, RealVisXL 4.0 & Portrait Plus!

123RF AI Image Generator: Introducing Open Journey, TurboVisionXL, RealVisXL 4.0 and Portrait Plus image.

We're thrilled to announce four spectacular new AI models have been added to 123RF's AI Image Generator: Open Journey, TurboVisionXL, RealVisXL 4.0, and Portrait Plus. Bringing our total to 11 advanced AI models, including favorites like SDXL, Eimis Anime, Dreamshaper, DynaVisionXL, Juggernaut XL, Realism Engine, and DALL·E 3. Dive into what each of these new tools can bring to your creative projects and experience the #RealFreedom it entails for generating AI images.


Open Journey: Elevate Your Thematic and Stylistic Expressions

Base: Stable Diffusion (SD 1.5)

Specialty: Generate Midjourney-like images

A magical and mystical crystal castle, floating on a cloud of sea, waterfalls cascading down its spires, background with puffy clouds, fantasy world, 4k resolution AI image. Using Open Journey AI Modal by 123RF AI Image Generator.

Open Journey is crafted for artists and designers who aim to push the boundaries of style and theme in their visual narratives. This model takes advantage of an enriched dataset of AI-generated and user-contributed images, making it adept at transforming complex text prompts into visually stunning, style-specific artwork. It is particularly popular among users who look to create detailed and thematic consistency in their projects, providing reliable and beautiful results every time.


TurboVisionXL: Fast-Track Your Creative Process

Base: SDXL Turbo

Specialty: The fastest, generate high-quality images in just five steps

Ancient sea turtle underwater, masterfully navigates the restless, pulsating waves of the emerald green sea, maintaining balance on the surging algae green crests AI image. Using TurboVisionXL AI Modal by 123RF AI Image Generator.

TurboVisionXL is a powerhouse for swiftly producing excellent visual content, making it perfect for those needing quick results without compromising quality. Its streamlined process allows for generating detailed, high-resolution images in mere moments, catering to professionals who face tight deadlines but require consistent quality. Whether you're working on web design, advertising, or media production, TurboVisionXL offers a rapid solution without the usual wait.


RealVisXL 4.0: Photorealism at Its Finest

Base: SDXL Lighting

Specialty: Proficient in creating stunning lifelike close-ups

Astronaut exploring the moon with lunar rover, aesthetic of sci-fi with decaying atmosphere, depth peeling, crisp details, f/11, leading lines, imaginative exquisite masterpiece with extraordinary details, award-winning AI image. Using RealVisXL 4.0 AI Modal by 123RF AI Image Generator.

RealVisXL 4.0 is engineered for creators who specialize in realism, particularly in portrait and close-up photography simulations. This model is fine-tuned for capturing the subtleties of human expressions and intricate details of the skin, eyes, and hair, delivering strikingly real images. Whether you need to create characters for gaming, simulate real-world scenarios for training simulations, or simply wish to explore photorealistic art, RealVisXL 4.0 sets a new standard in lifelike digital imagery.


Portrait Plus: Consistency in Every Frame

Type: DreamBooth

Specialty: Expert in portrait composition and style adaptability

A realistic portrait of a girl with a warm smile and kind eyes. Sunlight filters through her hair, casting soft shadows on her face. The background is a simple gradient of warm yellow and orange AI image. Using Potrait Plus AI Modal by 123RF AI Image Generator.

Portrait Plus excels in generating consistent, high-quality portraits with a focus on detailed facial expressions and diverse styles. This model is versatile enough to adapt to various artistic requirements, making it ideal for projects that demand uniformity and quality, such as editorial photography or character design for animation. Whether you aim for realism or a more stylized form of portraiture, Portrait Plus stands ready to deliver precision and consistency.


Why Choose 123RF's AI Image Generator?

Access ALL 11 advanced AI Models including popular choices like SDXL and DALL·E 3. Explore endless creative possibilities and bring your imagination to life with #RealFreedom.

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