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Top 3 Photographers & Designers To Watch Out For This Holiday Season

December….ahh, our favorite month! This is the time to break out those crafty knick-knacks and design some handmade greeting cards or even print out your own wrapping paper. At work, there’s always an excuse to add some holiday screensavers or add little snowmen in that friendly email to your colleagues. For parties, try DIY invites and placeholders. After all, the holidays are for sharing and merry-making!

Speaking of sharing, we’ve highlighted three top photographers and designers from our contributor leaderboard, each with their own unique style and content that will add a sprinkle of glitter to your holiday prep!

This contributor certainly knows how to shoot the whole holiday spread, complete with turkey, pumpkin pie and cookies. Feast your eyes (and appetite) on amazing Christmas fare and other scrumptious grub in this collection. Boy, are we hungry already!

Stock Photo - Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with lantern on wooden background

Stock Photo - Homemade oatmeal cookies

Stock Photo - Thanksgiving Turkey dinner

Stock Photo - autumn decoration - dry maple leaf with acorn on wooden background

Elena Lishanskaya is the artist behind this quaint and colorful portfolio. It’s all about patterns in all shades and shapes, molded into wallpaper, tags, banners – basically the essential collection you need to add some festive magic to your work.


Vector - set of graphic elements, bouquets
Vector - Set of Christmas graphic elements
Vector - Christmas horizontal banners

What makes the holiday season even more glorious are the decorations. Bells and swirls, Ribbons and twirls, Elena Schweitzer has got you covered. We especially adore her merry display of vintage candles set against wooden displays, so many ideas in one whimsical collection!

Stock Photo - Christmas pink decoration with balls and ribbon
Stock Photo - Four red christmas candle for advent

Stock Photo - Christmas vintage presents on a wooden background

Stock Photo - Winter candles on a wooden background

Do you like our contributor highlight? Let us know below and we will keep introducing some top artists in our gallery for all your imaging needs! And oh yes, happy holidays!

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