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The Snowflake: Nature’s Lace

As water falls from clouds to Earth in winter, it crystallizes in the air to form six-pointed lacy snowflakes. These tiny wonders grow in perfect harmony to create a symmetrical snowflake. Since no two snow crystals follow the same path through the chilly clouds, each is unique. The beauty of these lacy stars has captivated designers and given rise to many snowflake inspired illustrations.

Icy designs inspired by nature’s lace have met up with modern cubist trends in these three great designs. These illustrations make it hip to be square and offer an edgy feel for targeting a younger audience for winter concerts and event tee-shirts.

If an enchanting winter night scene is what you are seeking, look no further than this tastefully simple stock illustration. It would make a great evening party invitation and double as a photo embellishment by moving around the vector snowflakes to place at photo corners descending along the pole.

The contrast of the dark background makes a great space for bright, inviting text. The simplicity of the design allows for more attention to the message. This illustration leaves room for adding embellishments. The snowflakes can be copied, moved or enlarged to suit your artistic appetite.

These whimsical snow-inspired illustrations are great for flyers, seasonal event listings and winter invitations. Whether you are looking for stock illustrations for an art walk, outdoor skating arena or an office party there is no shortage of winter scenes showcasing snowflakes. These downright chilly illustrations will leave you looking for your boots and parka.

No matter what type of snowflake design fits into your digital art needs, you can always find a good selection of stock vectors to suit your needs.

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