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The Only Social Media Sizes Cheat Sheet You’ll Ever Need In 2017!

Hello all creative peeps!

Mid-January is here so time is definitely flying by and things, ever changing. Speaking of change, social media platforms are too! If your mind is jumble of questions on what are the ideal dimensions for various photos across these popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, not to worry as we’ve got you covered! This infographic by Make A Website Hub is the ultimate guide you need to ensure your uploaded visuals look their best this year!

Expect specific dimensions that will keep you updated and help you optimize your social media campaigns. Here are some quick insights on some popular platforms:

Facebook –

*Cover Photo: Add creative images to represent your business accurately

*Profile Picture: Bear in mind, your profile picture will be seen on your page, posts where you leave comments or messages so make sure it is memorable

*Shared Images: These will appear in the news feeds of your friends and followers

Twitter –

*Header Photo: Use an attractive image in high resolution. For your business, make sure it is consistent with your logo, tagline and overall brand

*Profile Picture: Your main representation that will be seen on your page and the Twitter stream. Make it one of the highest quality

Google+ –

* Cover Photo: Use a large image that is consistent with your brand messaging

* Profile Image: Though the dimensions are in a square, your picture will appear as a circle to your visitors so take note of how your image will be cut out in the end

* Posts: Share images to specific “circles” and remember that these images are likely to appear in the Google search engine for search queries related to your posts or business.

Instagram –

* For all types of Instagram images, the ratio is maintained at 1:1 so all images should be a friendly square

* Pay attention to the image quality you use because this platform is all about the visuals and not so much text.

123rf blog social-Media-Cheat-Sheet

Image Credit: MakeAWebsite Hub

Helpful? A simple way to remember all these sizes is to bookmark this post or save the infographic for future reference! Let us know which social media platform you used the most, we love hearing from you!

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