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The Best of 123RF World Travel Guide

What are your summer travel plans?

If you’re in need of inspiration, check out our completed world travel guide series, which covers every corner of the earth, for your globetrotting adventures. With the epic series done and dusted, it’s now time to reflect on some of the best travel destinations and help you plan your next trip.


Enjoy azure waters in Albania’s coast.

This Balkan wallflower is home to some of Europe’s most stunning and secluded beaches. This late blooming tourist destination also accommodates ancient Roman ruins where you don’t have to beg people to get out of your lens. Likewise, be sure to treat your tools to the majestic landscapes and serene surroundings of the Accursed Mountains. A trip to Albania would be incomplete without a visit to the 13th century citadel of Berat. It’s collection of white houses which climbs all the way up the hills, earned it the title of “the town of a thousand windows”.

Berat offers a thousand views.

Along with Gjirokastra, both these cities offer visitors a glimpse into life during Ottoman times. For first time travelers, a visit to the nation’s capital, Tirana, is worth considering. Our world travel guide believes the rainbow colored buildings, a growing coffee culture and a set of trendy bars have glamorized what used to be one of Europe’s least favorite cities into the upcoming star on the continent.


Step into the fascinating world of the Witches Market.

From the sky piercing heights of the Andes to the grounds of the Amazon basin, Bolivia is home to diverse landscapes and cultures. We identify La Paz as the nation’s most vibrant setting. Head over to Calle Jean for the city’s best preserved colonial street. The refurbished 18th century buildings are now home to colorful boutiques, galleries and museums. Additionally, venture deep into the depths of the Witches Market in Mercado de la Brujas and find yourself in awe of mysterious powders and potions of Andean shamanic practices.

Laguna Colorado – Bolivia’s beautiful natural wonder.

After that, head out to Lake Titicaca for a breathtaking view of this high altitude lake. Bolivia’s vast landscape can also be explored with a trip up north to Cordillera Apolobamba. Situated in the Peruvian border, this destination offers fantastic trekking opportunities in a secluded setting. Finally, end your trip on a high note as you make your way on the world’s most dangerous route, deep amidst the clouds and into the heart of the Yungas forest.


Take a dip in Fiji’s calming waters.

Set in the South Pacific, Fiji is made up of over 300 stunning islands. Each of it, a perfect blend of sun, sea, sand, along with magnificent natural beauty. While the tagline of tropical paradise may be densely saturated in every travel guide, there is no getting away from that in Mamanuca. Our world travel guide forgives you for mistaking this island for a work of art. Powder white sands, swaying coconut palms and clear blue waters go as far as the eye can see. Additionally, the accommodation options in Mamanuca satisfies every traveler’s wallet, with backpacker lodges and world class resorts on offering.

Fancy a drink, boys?

Meanwhile, for adventure junkies, head over to the nation’s adventure capital. The Pacific Harbour enables daredevils to swim with sharks, enjoy kayaking between mammoth cliffs, heading off-road on a four wheel drive and putting their wits to the test with an unforgettable whitewater rafting journey. On the other hand, a trip to Suva enables visitors to enjoy Fiji’s rich culture and heritage, in a metropolitan setting. The nation’s capital homes shopping centers, farmers markets, colonial era buildings and a vibrant nightlife. All of which makes for a complete holiday for any traveler out there.


Iran’s magnificent Pink Mosque.

Iran is the jewel of the Middle East. The country is embellished with some of the finest architecture that the world has ever laid eyes on. Yet, Iran remains overlooked and under appreciated. It’s time to change that. Esfahan is at the heart of Iran’s stunning beauty. The city is home to gorgeous Persian gardens, tree-lined boulevards and the iconic Shah Mosque. This elegant mosque forms a sight to behold with its famed blue tiled mosaics. This masterpiece is also facing Mecca, thus, only adding to the significance of this religious landmark.

The ancient city of Persepolis.

Eshafan’s allure continues with its Bazar-e Bozorg. Despite not being as popular as Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, this market certainly never fails to captivate its visitors. Here, we recommend giving in to your senses. Let the aroma of freshly brewed tea guide you through winding alleys and arched passageways. For Harry Potter buffs, this is your gateway to Iran’s own fascinating Diagon Alley. Next, make your way to the ancient city of Persepolis. This hidden gem never reached the heights of other capitals like Babylon and Susa. However, the city still remains to be an integral part of the forgotten world.


The colorful hills of Cinque Terre.

For the 123RF World Travel Guide, it’s a crime to visit Italy and only spend a few days in a handful of cities. Such is the Italian charm. For art enthusiasts, Florence is an open museum. Its ancient buildings, amazing museums and winding streets are perfect for you to wander away, while devouring a tub of the best gelato. For history buffs, nothing beats the city of Rome. The world’s capital during the golden age, Rome mimics the relationship of a grandfather and a grandchild. The city holds your tender hands and walks you down the many plazas while reciting tales of its glorious past. Like your old man, Rome too wears the scars of battle. Bruised but not battered, proud, yet warm and welcoming, Rome sheds a tear when reconnecting with its faded past.

Its almost impossible to miss these vintage Italian stores.

Meanwhile, for the fashion police, there’s no other place than Milan. Get ready to swipe the cards as you shop your way to the crazy glamour and splendor in the world’s fashion capital. For lovebirds, hop on a gondola and make the most of your Venice getaway. Just remember to order delightful pasta for the chance to chew on the same strand, until your soft lips interlock. For seasoned Italian travelers, head over to the hills of Cinque Terre. Here, lend your eyes to the azure blue waters, nose to the basil, skin to the melted mozzarella, ears to the crunch of the pizza and finally, tastebuds to sips of the finest wine.


Talk about the great outdoors.

For our world travel guide, Kazakhstan is like waffles and fried chicken. Like the perfect blend of sweet and savory, Kazakhstan combines the best of Europe and Asia along with the ancient and modern. The city of Almaty bears testament to this. Almaty is home to a series of luxurious apartments, swanky malls and modern museums. The Kazakhstan Museum of Arts accommodates the finest local, Russian and Western art and handicrafts. Meanwhile, the colorful Zenkov Cathedral oozes with the air and charm of Prague or Budapest.

A nature lover’s paradise.

However, for the best views, you’ll have to head outside. The Aksu – Zhabagly Nature Reserve is a massive wilderness that’s bound to leave you in awe. Green valleys, rapid rivers, snow capped peaks and the elusive snow leopard, make this a must visit. Additionally, Kazakhstan’s raw beauty is also seen in the gorgeous Kolsai Lakes National Park. The ‘Pearls of Tien Shan’, offer travelers a chance to hike with breathtaking views while devouring mouthfuls of wild berries.


Palau, from way up high!

We’ve identified Palau as a true natural wonder. What this island lacks in size, it surely makes up for in beauty. Part of the Micronesia region, this string of limestone and volcanic islands are perfect for the ideal getaway. Here, the famed Blue Corner and Chandelier Cave are the best of the lot.

Hidden gems like these are in abundance in Palau.

The former homes some of the richest marine life, while the latter offers the chance to explore fascinating stalactites formations, if you’re bold enough to brave the darkness and the risk of claustrophobia. In short, spending the day surrounded by the world’s best corals and turquoise lagoons is an opportunity not to be missed. If that does not float your boat, then opt to lie in hammocks, sipping a pina colada or two.

South Africa

Kruger, a trip of a lifetime.

Warning! South Africa is not for the faint-hearted. If you can’t handle waking up to a kudu at your front porch, swimming with a Great White in the afternoon, taking on one of the world’s highest bungee jumps in the evening, and falling asleep with the roar of the lion in the background, then stay at home.

Muizenberg’s colorful beach huts are perfect Instagram-worthy shots!

However, if you have what it takes, welcome to the home of the extraordinary. And Kruger National Park is the epitome of this tagline. This Nat Geo-approved game reserve is the ultimate safari experience. You have the chance to catch the elusive Big Five, while the tables are turned; you’re caged and these majestic beasts roam free. Also, consider squeezing in a trip to Lesotho while you’re here. You’ll thank us later.

Can’t get enough of our world travel series? Look out as we breakdown the best of our globetrotting adventures in weeks to come! Additionally, remember to get your hands on our photography to help tell your travel tales!

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