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Take More Photos: 3 Ways To Get Into The Groove

Just because you’re able to, doesn’t mean you should do it. Ever heard anyone say that? When it comes to taking photos, this rule slides into place even more than it usually would depending on how shutter-crazy you get. But what if the photo outcome isn’t your priority? What if you just want to progress naturally at your own pace? Then try snapping a photo each day.

There are plenty of ways you can go about this. Other than bringing your camera (or just use your smartphone) with you everywhere, try out daily challenges such as 365 Days of Taking Photos. It’s a good practice to put into action, too, especially if your creative resolution is to take a photograph daily.

Shoot Something Interesting

Just saw an object that caught your attention while you’re out on the street? Take a photo. Don’t worry about whether it’s something others want to see, or if it’s worth a shot. Just do what feels right to you. Take photos of your dog, your shoes, people cycling in the park, the vibrant flag on the street down the block. Go ahead and attempt for different angles as you keep the object in perspective. You can always filter out the ones you like, and edit your selection later on. If black and white suits your photo, go for it. If it’s a warmer tone you’re looking for, go right ahead.

Start A Photography Blog

Make it a point to upload a photo you’ve taken every day. This way, you hold yourself accountable for producing more photography. It’ll help to ease you into the habit, and pretty soon you’ll realize that it’s not a hard thing after all.

Experiment With Different Approaches

Go for as many different angles as you can. Use your imagination and get creative! Here are a couple of examples. Check out the photo of the couple in a cafe above. Likewise, you can follow what the photographer did – take the photo a little further away and use a soft blur around the parts you don’t want the viewer to focus on.

Now, with the second photo below, the photographer has taken the shot a little diagonally from the front, and from a slightly lower angle. It makes the image interesting, and perfectly captures the couple having fun riding through a city. At first glance, you can automatically understand what sort of themes the photographer was going for. Think summer season, vacation and travel, city life, or an ideal couple moment.

Snap Away!

And remember to have fun while you’re at it.

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