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Stranger Things Mood Palettes That Are Perfect For Autumn

There’s no denying the color approach in Netflix’s series Stranger Things was spot on for the early 80s timeline. From fan theories to Nike’s Stranger Things apparel line, herald in the fall with the show’s throwback hues.

Mood Palettes: Warm Tones

Go with warmer hues just like the scenes in the show. Colors that are of a muted tone are also part of a suitable palette. Think of retro recordings or footage from the 80s that take you down memory lane with nostalgic vibes. These stock photos are a perfect example of vintage inspiration identical to Stranger Things.

Colors like warm oranges and deep browns will definitely match the Stranger Things mood palettes. That’s true even if your image is of a different scene. If you notice, family scenes in the show are always warm to make the environment appear cosy and lived-in.

Pastel Hues

In contrast to neon clothes fit to the 80s timeline, the producers shifted the cast’s wardrobe colors. The entire cast of Stranger Things were outfitted in 80’s themed soft pastels for most of the series. If you’re a photographer looking to emulate the fashion style, consider using similar mood palettes for your model’s wardrobe.

Don’t forget Dustin’s cat.

Summer’s already over and we’re definitely looking forward to the cooler months ahead. Stay on trend with these autumn mood palettes, especially those with a vintage, moody feel. Looking for a tutorial? Here’s how to make your own moody street photography effect for free online.

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