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Stay In Trend With Best Selling Stock Photos, Vectors & More!

Wow, half a year just whizzed past and before you even know it, it’s July! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet coz it’s time for our monthly trendsetters to rock da house. So what do we have here?

Beach scenes abound in every nook and cranny, from family fun in the sun to friends star-jumping as the sun is setting. Makes you want to just hop on a plane and be there in a jiffy for summer vacation! On the other side of the world, our Muslim friends are observing the Islamic Holy month of fasting in preparation for Hari Raya – a significant event with lots of food and joyous reunions. How can we also forget our American peeps who are celebrating their Independence Day with a bang and lots of barbecue.

Are you ready to see our top picks? Check it out! Don’t forget to browse our entire collection below and if you have a favorite to share, comment below with the link!


123rf stock photos Ornamental moon with lights, Ramadan vector illustration

Stock Photo - Father, son and grandfather fishing

Stock Photo - Yoga concept. hand woman practicing lotus pose on the beach at sunset

Stock Photo - couple of two dogs buried in the sand at the beach on summer vacation holidays , having fun and enjoying

Stock Photo - Celebratory fireworks on the background of the US flag and sunrise. Independence day

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Stock photos Credit Best Sellers in 2016-06

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Stock photos Subscription Best Sellers 2016-06

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Stock Footage Best Sellers in 2016-06

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So what do you think of our best sellers? We have more of these collections on our blog so feel free to browse for the best content to suit your needs! See y’all next month!


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