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Portraying Lives In Stock Photography With Olena Yakobchuk

Today, we dive into the successful stock photography and footage of 123RF contributor iakovenko, also known as Olena Yakobchuk. This Kiev-based photographer has a versatile collection to explore with themes like body positivity – inclusive of controversial scenes like plastic surgery. Take a look at her photography portfolio and discover the varying themes in her creative work.

Olena tells us what inspires her photography, and how it led her into becoming a stock photographer. This is her story.

I met the world of photography in 2009, my boyfriend was a photographer. And together we came up with stories for filming. I really loved it, and after 5 years my hobby turned into my job. I love everything related to beauty and art, people who know how to tell stories with the help of photography.

Telling stories with photos and videos is definitely something we’re into. It’s all about visual storytelling these days, which is why Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat are so popular. For now, let’s look at Olena’s stock photography that portray little snippets of life in careers of various industries.

Payment process. Charming pleasant girl is making transaction with credit card and smiling while standing against cash desk in organic shop. Copy space in the left side

Forward to new adventures. Portrait of excited boy running on the road near his dog and daughter. He is laughing. Beautiful meadow around them

Father is teaching his son to make pitch in right way. He standing behind child near net at court. Top view. Copy space on right side

Cheerful old woman showing sign cool by gesture while sitting on motorcycle in mechanic shop

Beautiful stewardess and her team with suitcases hurrying for flight stock photo. Airways concept

Side view happy pilot talking by portable radio set in cabin of airplane. Conversation and occupation concept

bearded handsome barista using a tamper to press coffee beans

Close up of male and female sports people legs while playing active game. They are standing on court with focus on back and holding rackets. Team mates are preparing for match

Excited young man is explaining business graphic to his team. He is sitting on floor near other papers and smiling

Creative angles of career stories aren’t all Olena captures. Check out her shots of ideal family moments, seniors interacting with their grandchildren, including photos of travel and lifestyle settings. Of course, this isn’t all her portfolio is limited to. There are plenty more themes for you to explore in her collection.

Here’s what Olena believes in when it comes to being a stock contributor.

Each shoot is a small story from life. The most important thing in the filming is natural emotions. It is important what kind of people you work with and your team! I’m sure – If you love what you are doing, you will be attracted to people who think like you, and you will succeed!

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