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Need Social Media Marketing Visuals To Grab Attention? Try These Banners And Graphics

Whether you are sharing testimonials from happy customers or promoting your brand’s newest products, you’ll need some design sense suited for social media marketing visuals. Even if you’re not exactly a design pro, that can easily be done with a vast variety of ready-made graphics and fun visuals available at your fingertips. Oftentimes, random stock photos just won’t make the cut – you need customized, well-designed posts to shout about your beauty brand.

Instagram-ready Posts

Posting consistently to build a strong brand is key, but creating Insta-ready posts doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. With 123RF’s broad range of stylized beauty templates on hand, a quick and easy graphicmaker, and a free photo editor, you’re armed with all the tools you need to make your Instagram feed pop. It’s so much easier to create content with a variety of ready-made social media banners and graphics available on our library. Now, vertical banner templates are an absolutely perfect fit for Stories. You’ll love how your brand’s Stories feed looks with this streamlined collection below.

Love these chic social media templates by Anna Sokol. This creative artist has a gorgeous collection if you’d like to keep your Insta-feed visually consistent and trendy. Her artwork is perfect for amplifying your social media marketing visuals!

Perfect for a simple and feminine post to update your latest collection.

Glam textured social media banner designed by rawpixel. Think of all the creative ways you could use this design!

Social Media Banners and Banner Ads

Is your beauty brand having a sale, promotion, or a too-good-to-miss offer? Or maybe even hosting a contest where your loyal following can win some goodies? Sometimes you need to go all out with the right set of visuals and graphics! Steal the spotlight and grab all the attention with these elegant, feminine banners. Pretty-in-pink banners like the ones below are a great choice for seasonal promotions or limited deals and offers that you want to shout about.

The sweetest blend of glitter and watercolor by artnis.

Loving the typography choice for this flirty Valentine’s Day banner by rondale.

Your beauty feed doesn’t have to be all glam with glitter – making use of other textures like florals or watercolor can still give your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that fresh, feminine feel. Depending on your personal style, don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up, just as long as it doesn’t clash with your brand’s identity! Make part of your social strategy to captivate your target audience with your brand’s visuals via images, videos, and good copy.

Be sure to explore all of these stock photos, stock templates and more on our library, especially our social media banners and graphics. Check out the link if you’re interested in some of the best social media marketing tools currently on the market.

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