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How You Can Use Stock Images to Your Advantage For Visual Learners

The best way to close a sale is to use an approach that plays to your prospects’ strengths and personalities. Everybody has a preferred learning style. For instance, some love getting lost in lengthy prose. However a visual learner will bounce back to the search results and try the next link in the list. Discover how you can create content that appeals to visual learners to keep them on your site longer.

How Visual Learners Learn

As the name suggests, a visual learner absorbs information through visual depictions of concepts and ideas. When they land on your web page, they will be happiest if a few pictures and diagrams accompany the prose to help explain the concept you are putting across. Subsequently, if the page is devoid of graphics and contains only text, a visual learner is very unlikely to hang around for long enough to take in your message.

Appealing to Your Visual Learning Visitor

A visual learner can take in a lot of information at once, so don’t be afraid of using detailed imagery. Infographics are an excellent example of the type of graphic you need to keep your visual learner on the page and taking in everything you have to say.

The more detailed the infographic is, the more interested a visual learner will be. The long image will draw the visual learner’s eyes down the page as their brain busily absorbs all its details. Infographics are excellent for displaying data that may not otherwise be so interesting, which means they also work well for people who are not so visually inclined. For instance, a graphical representation of 2 out of 3 people is much more likely to be recalled later than reading the text alone.

Moreover, information you deliver graphically also makes more of an impact. For instance, when a visitor reads about 2 in 3 people, they may think that two isn’t so many. However, if they see it as a graphic, the number represents a significant portion of the population. Pictures and diagrams can also help to keep a visual learner reading for longer, but you don’t want to make your page too graphically intensive. Likewise, pages overloaded with visuals will take a long time to load into the browser.

Where to Get Affordable Visuals

By now, you may be thinking that appealing to your visual learning web page visitor will cost a princely sum. For example, if you were to use a professional graphics designer or photographer, then, yes, it would. Fortunately, they are not your only options when it comes to photos and graphics for your website.

Stock image sites make graphics for websites affordable for bloggers and small businesses with a limited marketing budget. You can choose from various graphics types, for example. This includes photos, video snippets, logos, icons, and templates for everything from full web pages to infographic designs. There are millions of images that fit all types of categories. You will never be short of ideas or relevant images. If you’ve been wondering how to make your web pages more visually appealing without the expense, then check out our library for all your graphical needs.

All photos by dolgachov 123RF.

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