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Halloween Desserts That Every Trick Or Treater Wants!

So as the weather gets cooler and trees start shedding their leaves, the next best thing about the fall season is Halloween! Besides dressing up, it’s a day that kids go round the neighborhood trick or treating for candy.

This year, we are going beyond just chocolate and lollies. Instead, we are opting for more innovative treats like some really yucky looking (but tasty) cakes and theme-shaped cookies. So even if you’re not a candy person (the horror!), there is still dessert that you can dig into after midnight. Here are a few of our favorites that might just leave your sweet tooth begging for more!

Brain Cakes

And Eyeball Treats

(Squishy mmmm…)

Tombstones On Brownies

Or On Snow-capped Cupcakes

Witch Cake Pops

(How is this scary???)

And a Pumpkin version

(just too cute….)

Gingerbread Cookies

In Ghostly Shapes

(it doesn’t seem too happy…)

That’s more like it!

Witches Fingers

(feel like biting into one?)

Chocolate Spiders

Having A Party!

(Can you feel them crawling on your skin?)

Stock Photo - Halloween cupcakes with decoration over orange background

Which of these treats are leaving you hungry now? Or if you have any new ideas to share, throw it our way in the comments below. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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