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Get Creative with Curious 3D Renders by Tomasz Wyszolmirski

Polish 3D modeler and designer Tomasz Wyszolmirski, also known as 3dmentat, creates some pretty awesome renders on his 123RF portfolio. Explore great graphics that you’d see during gameplay – think VR, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch – that are identical to scenes seen in game movies like Batman’s Arkham Asylum, Quantic Dream’s latest installment: Detroit Become Human or a post-apocalyptic game.

Imagine waking up in-game and seeing an emergency button. You find yourself in a state of shock. The emergency overhead lights flicker on and off, which does nothing for your current state of trauma. Your ears pick up sounds of animalistic growls from afar, making all of your hair stand on end. Someone in the distance screams, and for a split second, you find yourself guilty for feeling a little safer that the predator that’s out there has not gotten to you just yet.

You manage to stand, stumble your way over to the door, and freeze when yet another shriek echoes through the building. It sounds a lot closer this time. Your brain sends you the brilliant idea of rushing over to the closest alternative escape route in the room – an air vent just above a steel medical table. Balancing on the table as leverage, you claw and yank at the vent cover. A door slams somewhere. More predatory growls outside the room door signal that whatever is out there is closing in on something alive, and you would most likely be next on the menu. The blood pumping through your veins feeds your adrenaline as you panic, lending you a good amount of strength to tear the air vent off its hinges. You grasp the edges of the hole in the ceiling and hoist yourself up. As you crawl through the vent, you look down through another that leads to other rooms and see a holding cell meant for inmates.

Pause the imaginary game there.

That’s the vibe Tomasz’s works can provide on a level where you can slide his 3D works into your creative projects.

Get Creative with Curious 3D Renders by Tomasz Wyszolmirski

Check out his portfolio for a lot more interesting designs and 3D rendering in a style that is unique to Tomasz. Discover more creative artists on the 123RF blog, or put your artistic skills to the test with our collection of tutorials.


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