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Free Stock Content December 2017

With Christmas rolling around the corner, there’s a significant drop in temperature. Despite that, the insides of your mouth feel like a sister to the Sahara as you sit before your laptop mulling over your tired list of resolutions, pondering the secret mysteries of the elite who’ve actually succeeded in ticking everything off their list. You’re sucked into a minor spiral of panic as you realize you don’t belong in the 8% made up of go-getter material. The minutes tick by as your eyes glaze over like the icing on the last Christmas cake you guiltily remember guzzling at last year’s after party.

Blink and unglaze them. Now you can express your desire to ring in the new year with our latest set of free content. Design invitation cards, make a new phone wallpaper, or slap them into your current creative projects. Click the images below to download your chosen content – or better yet, download them all.

Free downloads expire on 2nd January, 2018



Stick around for the next pack of freebies! In the meantime, check out our handy collection of tutorials for creative inspiration!


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