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Everywhere around the world, businesses are swiftly making the move into e-commerce. Digital creative skills have never been more sought after in this modern age, thanks to the pandemic sweeping across nations. is revolutionizing how design jobs are created, and matching employers with the right talents in the market. With free registration for both employers and job seekers, the aim of this online job platform is to support creative talents by supplying work opportunities during these hard times. With many businesses now opting for freelance and remote workers, the digital nomad lifestyle has become much more accessible to the masses.

For Creative Talents

If you’re a creative person seeking to expand your horizons via the digital world, this is the right platform to begin your earning journey. With guaranteed decent earnings and confirmed jobs from global industry players, it’s completely free to register an account and submit your resume. Unlike most other job portals, there’s no third party commission involved, so you don’t have to worry about having a slice of your earnings cut by this online job platform, either. Explore some of their tips to help you get started with tailoring your resume, or some valid points on nailing an interview.

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Perhaps you’re still a beginner or just dabbling in design work, but interested in turning your creativity into a career – that’s perfectly fine! Here’s a guide on becoming a digital artist, as well as some additional tips on earning money online.

For Hiring Employers

Suppose your up and coming brand needs a bit of a branding design to kick off, or a complete refresh from the current style. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to create more people-based marketing experiences for your online commerce. For example, with digital commerce, surveys show that people could stop shopping on a brand’s website because of a bad website experience. Among these factors are confusing website designs, long checkout processes, slow support experiences or lack of product explanations. You’ll need a digital designer who has a graphic design background and knows how to adapt visuals for web use. Designs has a wide talent pool to select the right candidate for the job.

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Planning to bring in new additions to your brand’s digital workforce? As for employers or recruiters posting jobs, there is no fee involved. aims to make job searches and talent recruitment a convenient and smooth process for everyone. Rest assured that’s system carefully vets through every job seeker profile and job posting on their portal. For more information, check out their terms and conditions here.

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