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Create Visual Wonders: Explore the Upgraded 123RF AI Image Generator!

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI capabilities, 123RF is elevating user creativity by updating our AI Image Generator, making creation better and easier than ever. This update introduces a host of new features that promise to transform the way you create and manipulate images.


Visualize New Styles

The new update for 123RF’s AI Image Generator provides users with a visual preview of various styles such as anime, photography, line art, isometric and more - which bridges the gap between imagination and reality. Say goodbye to guesswork as you explore the exact look and feel of each style, helping you select the perfect aesthetic for your project. With this feature, turning your creative vision into a visual masterpiece has never been easier.


Ratio - Shape Your Vision with Ease

Imagine not having to fuss over aspect ratios ever again. That's the gift of the Ratio feature in our enhanced AI Image Generator. From square to vertical, horizontal, and beyond, the possibilities are boundless. Seamlessly adapt your AI-generated images for various platforms, whether it's crafting eye-catching social media posts, captivating stories, or even personalizing your phone wallpaper.


Color - The Palette of Possibilities

With the new Color editing feature, you hold the reins to your image's color style. Go classic with black and white, infuse vibrant hues, or add a warm and inviting tone. The color spectrum is yours to command, allowing you to infuse your images with the exact mood you desire. The Color feature unlocks a world of creative expression at your fingertips.


Lighting - Illuminate Your Imagination

With options like backlighting, golden hour lighting, low light, and volumetric lighting, you can now paint your subjects with the perfect illumination. Showcase the profound impact different lighting choices can have, bringing your subjects to life and making them the focal point of your visual narrative.


Composition - Be the Maestro of Your Imagery

Shape your images like never before with the Composition feature. Blur backgrounds to create artistic depth, capture stunning close-ups, delve into the intricate world of macro photography, fly in the skies with aerial shots, or expand your horizons with wide-angle perspectives. The Composition feature empowers you to be your own photographer and designer, giving you the freedom to determine the 'where' of your images.


The updated AI Image Generator from 123RF aims to provide you with powerful tools for visual expression. Whether you're a professional designer, social media enthusiast, or a creative visionary, this update promises to enhance your creative journey. It's time to embrace the future of image manipulation and design, where style, ratio, color, lighting, and composition are at your command. Unleash your creative power and embark on a visual adventure like never before with 123RF's AI Image Generator. Your canvas awaits, and the possibilities are infinite.

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