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Contributor Topic: Inclusiveness, Diversity & Equality

Making a difference, one upload at a time!

Our world can be a beautiful land of diversity where people strive to achieve equality and inclusiveness for all – regardless of race, religion, gender or even disabilities.

As purveyors of visual communications – we believe your content have and can make a difference. Now more than ever, we encourage all contributors to participate in showcasing visual positivity – by uploading content with themes that advocate diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

Together we can be a source of healing to our community, albeit one content at a time.

Content that makes a difference:-


We look forward to receiving more content which feature different ethnicities such as Asians, Hispanics, Africans, African Americans working alongside in harmony.

Don’t forget your roles : teacher, doctor, presenter, manager, leader and etc or shown working together as a team or family. Keyword : diversity, diverse, multiethnic, multiracial, multicultural, working together.


We highly encourage content with people of all shapes and sizes too while remembering our friends with disabilities. They can achieve great feats too!

Keyword: inclusion, inclusive, disability, disabled, handicapped, involvement, success.


Content which portrays empowerment and gender equality are great additions as well. Acknowledging successful women, men and women taking on each other’s traditionally depicted roles and more.

Keyword : equal, equality, gender equality, empowerment, successful woman, successful man and woman.

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Words from Content & Contributor Engagement Manager

The world is ever changing and so will the demands of our clientele. Content that performed well in the past, does not necessarily guarantee that it will continue to perform in the present.

In conclusion : Be the change, create the right new content, upload them at the right time and be the new wave of performing contributors. Look at our blog for what’s trending and good luck! “Start The Change, Start With One Upload”

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