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Content Creation With September Trending Keywords

Another new month is upon us, we present to you once again our monthly popular trends to boost your exposure and downloads. Although September brings the start of autumn, that theme isn’t the star here mainly because we’ve already covered it in our August edition; which we hope you’ve benefited from. So let’s take a look at these top 4 trending keywords for September!

Breast Cancer Awareness

(breast cancer, breast cancer awareness, breast cancer ribbon)

Wait, isn’t this event happening in October? Isn’t this a September edition? Well, yes to both questions. This is still the September edition but we’ve decided to change things up a little. As Alexander Graham Bell once said, preparation is the key to success. When translated into stock photo terms, we realize that by encouraging you to start right now with next month’s content is the best way to be prepared. This way, there is no rush and you are less likely to miss major events.


Image by bialasiewicz


Image by lightfieldstudios


Image by vectorfusionart

Now Breast cancer awareness is a pretty major event that goes on for the whole month of October. During this month, apart from breast cancer charity organizations, many companies will show their support for the pink ribbon through collaboration or creating their own campaigns. Thus they will want meaningful and related contents to be featured in their ad campaigns. You may prepare contents that illustrate the story of cancer survivors, patients undergoing treatment with the support of family and friends as well as the well-known pink ribbon symbol on posters or illustrations. 

Click here for more examples of our Breast Cancer collection



(doctor, practitioner, nurse, medical, stethoscope, telehealth)


Image by archnoi1

Woman having a video call with her doctor

Image by stockasso

Medical worker making vaccination for black lady

Image by milkos

As humanity continues to fight the ongoing pandemic, demand for stock photo contents regarding the medical field continues to increase. For the time being, let’s narrow it down to just the keyword – Doctor for now. Looking at the statistics that we have, our most downloaded contents often feature a stethoscope (of course), doctors with bokeh background and doctors in a clinic or hospital.

Click here for more examples of our Doctor collection



(family, family home, family video, family together)

happy family mother father and children move to new apartment and unpack boxes

Image by evgenyatamanenko

set cute family happy characters

Image by yupiramos

Senior woman with laptop indoors at home, family video call concept.

Image by halfpoint

When we analyzed our figures, the highest downloaded content for the keyword – Family is a vector illustration; followed closely by stock photos of happy families posing for the camera. Most of our highly downloaded images consist of a happy nucleus family either enjoying an activity together or posing naturally for the camera.

Click here for more examples of our Family collection


Christmas Part 1

(christmas, christmas background, christmas tree)

The most wonderful time of the year will soon be upon us, and with it brings great opportunities for account exposure and increased sales. This is the best month to start preparing for Christmas related contents! What 3 months earlier? But at the start of the article it was only a month! We’ll let you in on a little secret. Christmas is such a hugely celebrated event that our searches and downloads have already started steadily picking up since September. A lot of agencies and businesses start preparing for major events a few months in advance.

Christmas gift boxes with reindeer faces

Image by inkdrop

Christmas composition. Christmas gifts, red and golden decorations on white background. Flat lay, top view, copy space

Image by povareshka3


Image by solerf

We have so much to share for Christmas that we need to split it into 3 parts. Make sure you come back for the rest to get the latest updates! For part 1, we’re focusing on our top 3 Christmas keywords being – Christmas, Christmas tree and Christmas background. Content wise, these highly sought after images are those with Christmas flat lays, aesthetic backgrounds, festive decorations, pine tree leaves, candy canes, snow, Christmas ornaments, presents, Christmas cookies and so on. Many of which include copy space in their stock photos.

Click here for more examples of our Christmas collection

Other noteworthy October events which are helpful in diversifying your contents next month include – World Teacher’s day on 5th Oct and World Mental Health day on 10th Oct. Don’t forget the spooky season of Halloween which we’ve covered earlier in July’s edition. Until next time, see you again in October!

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