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Content Creation With March Trending Keywords

Welcome back to our monthly keyword curation guide in March where we list out a set of top trending keywords to assist you to prepare for the month of June. Here we have the annual celebration of father’s day and the much anticipated summer holidays! Apart from that we have a special spotlight topic for the month of March so read on to find out what that is.

Father’s Day

(happy fathers day, fathers day, father)

Next to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is the next event that’s celebrated worldwide. This makes Father’s Day visuals well sought after especially around the month of June. The uses for such images can range from social media promotion, brand advertisement or even internal company greetings. Thus, this is a good time to start focusing on creating such content in your portfolio.

Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom

Fathers day greeting card concept. Flat lay.

Little Daughter Embracing Happy Young African American Father At Home

With this in mind, try focusing on creating lifestyle imagery photos for Father’s Day as these are the ones that reach the highest search and download volumes in our data. Furthermore, lifestyle imagery makes images relatable to audiences and help form a connection while communicating feelings to them. Some ideas from our top contents include, a father holding up his daughter or son during playtime, a father enjoying a moment with his child, a happy father reading a card from his child and so on!



(summer, summer background, beach, summer vacation)

The sunny season is on it’s way so be sure to join in the trend to secure yourself a chance of getting potential downloads and exposure. Summer is all about the vibe, energy and fun! Beaches, summer vacations and tropical themes are all the hype in summer.

Travel vacation concept


Surfboard and palm tree on beach background.

As we dive into our statistics we see the highest volumes of searches and downloads for summer revolve around a certain theme. To help you remember them, we’ve simplified them into the 3 S which are the Sun, Sea and Sand! Have no idea which type of summer images sell? Just start with those 3. It could be a close up of a sandal, hat or bag on the beach, a horizontal view of the beach or a sunny tropical backdrop.


National Puppy Day

(dog, puppy, cute dog, puppies)

In conjunction with National Puppy Day this month, our special highlight pays tribute to man’s best friend! Which includes all the loyal hounds and adorable puppies. These canine companions are capable of creating fuzzy warm feelings in our heart, no wonder designers and marketers alike look to them for inspiration.


Corgi puppies with bow tie

Cute Frenchie dog lying on floor and looking up

This event gives contributors a great opportunity to showcase their furry friends while increasing visibility for their portfolios. Here are some tips on what to upload from what we gathered in our database. Top searches and downloads are constantly lifestyle imagery that features our canine friend happily playing, prancing or running outdoors. Other highly sought images also include featured pets with clean white backgrounds.


That’s all the topics we have for this round, we hope this gives you something to work on for the next few months. Other significant observances that you can consider are Memorial day, which falls on the 30th of May and Graduation day. As for Graduation day, most US graduations are generally held in May to June so now would be a good time to start creating content for it. So there you have it, our scoop for the month! Tune in again next month for more tips and ideas on contents to upload.

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