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Content Creation With December Trending Keywords

Welcome back to our monthly keyword curation guide in December. This is where we list out top trending keywords to prepare you for the month of love, more specifically – February. So let’s dig right in!

Valentine’s Day

(valentine’s day, love, heart, romance)

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Valentine’s day is a popular celebration that marketers and social media advertisers will focus on. It’s a critical time for them to seek captivating imagery to create their content. Our data backs this up as well. For instance, it shows that Valentine images got a boosted 60% more views and downloads in February 2020 compared to January 2020. Highly sought after images include organic pictures of couples spending time together surrounded by valentine balloons, confetti, gifts or hearts and flat lays or background designs with hearts and roses.

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(spring, flowers, spring background)

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As winter slowly makes way for spring, we start seeing a gradual surge in searches and downloads for spring contents. The same goes for floral contents, especially garden and brightly colored flowers. Statistics from 2020 shows that search and download numbers from January to February have doubled up and peaked in March. Among the top downloaded images are aesthetic flower fields, flat lay wooden backgrounds with flowers, close up of flowers, rows of tulips, and baby animals (such as lambs) in freshly grown grass fields.

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(happy family, family together, family)

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Image by animicsgo

Family contents remain as one of our evergreen keywords. For instance, it has a constant flow of views and downloads, especially at the start of the year. The similarities that we can take from our analysis of the top downloads are that these images often have families with two children, most of them are organic shots (not looking at the camera), always smiling or having a good time and the camera clearly highlights the family with light bokeh in the background. Chinese New Year is another widely celebrated family festival in February. It also emphasizes on family gatherings, reunions and dinners especially on the eve of the event. It’s good to keep this in mind as you prepare contents for this topic!

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World Cancer Day

(cancer, cancer ribbon, cancer treatment)

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World cancer day falls on the 4th of February. It is an international awareness day to encourage detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. We would like to join in this initiative as well and welcome contributors alike to participate with us too! In terms of support, we can do our part by uploading and providing different colored cancer ribbons and unity symbols content. With more access to relatable imagery, we can assist others in spreading awareness and education all over the world. Let’s dream and aspire to someday be able to live in a cancer-free society.

Click here for more examples of our World Cancer Day collection


Other significant observances that you can add to your portfolio for January are design ideas and concepts around yearly resolutions. It is also International Creativity month and Cervical Health Awareness month. As for February, 1st of February marks the beginning of Lunar New Year or better known as Chinese New Year. February is also Black History month. Last but not least, a fun fact right before we end – we have a leap day (29th Feb) in 2022! So there you have it, our scoop for the month! Tune in again next month for more tips and ideas on contents to upload.

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