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April 2019: Trending Keywords

Are you wondering what sort of content to produce? What are buyers really looking for? We hear you, and we’ve compiled the trending keywords for the month of April. Check out the trending keywords data the team has compiled down below.

Mother’s Day

Examples of Mother’s Day photos and vectors

Under this umbrella search term, most people tend to search on 123RF with these sub-keywords: flowers, background, card, spa, love, Mother’s Day gift, Mother’s Day celebration ideas, and mother. The color themes don’t always have to revolve around soft pinks or red hues, although they are very lovely colors. Experiment with your creativity and use the rest of the color wheel to celebrate love and appreciation for all mothers out there. Who knows? You might actually start a trend.


Examples of Ramadan-themed photos and vectors

The fasting period is well on its way. Among the sub-keywords used under this search term are Muslim, mosque, and prayers. If you haven’t already read our content piece on Ramadan and Eid Mubarak keywords, check it out here. That article tells you everything you need to know in order to submit stock content with a focus on this huge Islamic event.


Examples of summer-themed photos

A necessity to celebrate the summer. Think brightly colored poolside mojitos, inflatable floats, people lounging around wearing shades, digging into a juicy watermelon, or having fun on the beach! If you’d rather not shoot models (yes, these require a model release), go for palm trees, blue skies, and deckchairs. Switch up your camera angles and gain different creative perspectives!

Memorial Day

Examples of Memorial Day themed photos and vectors

Observed every year, this American federal holiday honors those in the military who have made courageous sacrifices for their country. Here are some stock content ideas to think about: the star spangled banner, red, blue and white themes, flower wreaths, posters, inscriptions, dog tags. Get creative with designing banners for Memorial Day sales, or posters advertising the popular three-day weekend.


Examples of graduation-themed photos. Contribute yours to 123RF!

From April to May, we see a lot of searches for graduation-centric content. From graduation quotes, wishes, the symbolic ceremonial grad cap, the graduation dress and the following celebrations. We’re looking for more content focusing on all of these sub-topics under this umbrella keyword. Don’t limit your submissions to just photography! 😉 If you can draw or do digital illustrations, why not submit vectors too?

Stay tuned for our compilation of May’s trending keywords next month.

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