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2022 Q4 : Trending keywords

Discover ideas and contents that can help boost exposure and downloads for your portfolio. Using analytics from our data team, we came up with a new set of quarterly trending search and download topics. If you familiarize yourself with the type of contents audiences interact and connect with, it will be much easier to focus your creation and upload efforts.


(relevant keywords: happy thanksgiving, thanksgiving, thanksgiving day, thanksgiving background)

Thanksgiving day falls on the 24th of November each year. Therefore, keyword searches for this topic start as early as August. However, downloads only start increasing around October and finally peaks in November. Last year, we saw a trend of minimalistic designs revolving around pumpkins (of course), autumn leaves, greeting texts and delicious thanksgiving food.


Black Friday

(relevant keywords: black friday, black friday banner, black friday sale)

The Black Friday sale has been steadily gaining momentum not only in the US, but across the world. Therefore, it makes this topic a good focus point to start if you’re looking to gain more exposure. Months with higher downloads seen are in October and November, so remember to have your contents ready by then! Big block-like fonts and typography with color themes of black and red seem to top our download charts for this trending topic.


Cyber Monday

(relevant keywords: cyber monday, cyber week sale, cyber sale)

Cyber Monday is another major marketing deal that happens closely after Black Friday. It’s always a good idea to have both Black Friday and Cyber Monday content in your portfolio as people often choose one from the other. Data reveals popular downloads of Cyber Monday images have a more edgy, futuristic design with technological elements apart from others with people shopping online.



(relevant keywords: winter, winter clothes, winter home)

December marks the beginning of winter and here we have a few winter topics that popped up on our radar. Here’s a glimpse of what some of our top downloads contain: happy characters in knit clothing, a person holding a hot cocoa in a warm and cozy room with snowflake decors, family members in winter clothing bonding by the fireplace.


Winter Background

(relevant keywords: winter background, snow background, winter landscape)

The magic of winter is often brought to life with a beautiful snowy background, which is why winter background content made it into our list. Clients are looking for content with a good amount of copy space, for example wooden planks with blurred snowy backdrop or winter flat lays featuring wooden planks, branches and some snowflakes is a great way to start.



(relevant keywords: christmas, christmas background, christmas decoration)

The anticipation of Christmas makes December one of the most festive months of the year! From what we see, our potential clients like white Christmas themes. For example, white Christmas backgrounds paired with red festive items such as striped candy canes, red baubles and decorations. Apart from that, rustic and vintage Christmas decorations are in demand too.


Merry Christmas

(relevant keywords: merry christmas, christmas tree, happy holidays)

It goes without saying that towards the end of the year, the demand for Christmas and holiday greeting designs increases. When it comes to these designs, images of pine tree leaves, Christmas trees, acorns, snow, gingerbread cookies, ornaments, glitter and bokeh effects are popular elements found in our highly searched and downloaded contents. So make sure you have them available in your portfolio!


Santa Claus

(relevant keywords: santa claus, santa hat, santa)

Ho ho ho! This big jolly guy is here to stay this festive season. Full length portrait images of Santa seem to track the highest record last year when it comes to Santa downloads. Likewise, the iconic red and white Santa hat is pretty popular too and is usually featured with a simple white background which enables the image to fit easily into almost any greeting card designs or promotional adverts.

Santa Claus runs fast on red by alphaspirit, 123RF


New Year

(relevant keywords: new year, new years eve, new year background)

When it comes to this topic, fireworks in the night sky ranked the highest for the search and downloads in 123RF. Followed closely by contents with people celebrating at a party, champagne toasting with bokeh lighting and confetti and of course with the current new year in it - this year it will be 2023! The downloads for this topic steadily rise towards the end of the year and see the highest results in December so make sure you can get related contents ready in advance!

On another note, feel free to check out other articles on keyword trends and anything related to 123RF Contributor on our blog. With that said, we hope you’ll find all this information useful for your next upload!

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