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An Interactive Guide To Using DSLR Cameras

123rf stock photos close up of a young beautiful woman with an analog camera shooting to you in autumn

In the arena of photography, taking beautiful pictures is the holy grail for avid photographers. If you are a 123RF contributor, it’s even more important to create visual content that not only looks good but sells well too!

Enter in DSLR cameras. They allow anyone to be a pro, however, it’s also not easy to operate these bulky gadgets and mastering its settings such as shutter speed, exposure or aperture. Don’t despair, even seasoned professionals have problems navigating their DSLRs. Probably why freelance graphic designer and animator, Simon Roberts launched a project to educate those who are overwhelmed by all the technicalities involved. The project, titled “Photography-Mapped”, is a genius and well-designed interactive guide that explains the complete functions of the DSLR with sliders that you can toy around with to demonstrate different effects.

123rf blog how DSLR camera works in photography

Image Credit: Fastcodesign

Check out the interactive version of this handy tool here. Do share if you find this useful or your struggles and challenges in mastering a DSLR. We love hearing from you!

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