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All About Modeling Your Meow-maker

Cats are just naturally photogenic, even when they aren’t trying to be. Similar to humans, feline friends come in all shapes and sizes, with folded ears, pointy ears, long fur, no fur, duo-toned fur (hey, Siamese!) and more.

All About Modeling Your Meow-maker - 123RF Blog

This floof is notorious(ly) BIG.

Some cats are absolutely natural at being models, with high fashion brands such as Lanvin and Karl Lagerfeld. If you feel like your cat is an absolute glam puss, by all means give them the photoshoot they deserve.

All About Modeling Your Meow-maker - 123RF Blog

These meow-makers are natural born models.

Lightning-fast Reflexes

Cats are impatient, and can move pretty quickly, so expect them to dart in and out of the range of your camera. To counter this, you can always opt for shooting in a continuous setting. Be sure to prepare for unpredictable moments, where your feline friend might reach out a curious paw to swat at your precious lens. If your kitty cat is known for swatting things, pack a stable tripod setup and a lot of patience.

All About Modeling Your Meow-maker - 123RF Blog

Wild and free.

Bright Flashes

Similar to doggos, cattos will react to camera flashes – their eyes are quite sensitive to bright light. You’ll probably find your feline friend screwing up their eyes and probably moving away from you, the source of their irritation. If you absolutely have to use flash around your cats, try not to use it directly in their line of sight.

All About Modeling Your Meow-maker - 123RF Blog

Not impressed with you, hooman.

Consider the lighting of choice and whether you can shoot them in a low light or natural light settings.

Attractive At All Angles

Selecting the right moment, when your cat is calm and in the midst of grooming, perhaps, could work in your favor. Suitable lighting and angles can make your cat model appear differently, depending on the perspective you’re going for.

Candid shots work great, too, because cats always manage to look good at any angle. Go down on your cat’s level, snap from above, or if your cat is a climber, take the shot from the bottom up. Ever chuckled at a cat as you watched it sleepily flop around a room in a fuddled state?

All About Modeling Your Meow-maker - 123RF Blog

This meow-maker was caught mid-yawn.

Catch your cats as they’re sleeping, yawning, going mid-blep, snarling, investigating, experimenting, playing, and well, just being pure felines.

All About Modeling Your Meow-maker - 123RF Blog


Patience is key when it comes to taking photos of cats. Strike a balance where you can have fun and giggle at all the adorable antics of your fellow feline friends. Best of all – let your cat make some money on the side for you, instead of just being a cute, cuddly freeloader.

If you’re new to stock content submissions, try following our guides to becoming a 123RF contributor.

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