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5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

What are vectors or vector illustrations?

5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

Retro-futuristic background in a 1980s style

We don’t mean the scientific term (physics, anyone?).

In the creative world, a vector is an illustration: either digitally created or hand-drawn. Take a drawing made on paper for example. From snapping a photo of your art or scanning it into your computer, you can create a digital version of your written letter or artwork using the right creative programs.

(Psst, check out how you can transform a simple lettering on paper into a digitally vectorized piece!)

When it comes to digital designs, it usually boils down to two choices, vector graphics or bitmap (raster) images. The former refers to images formed via hundreds and thousands of tiny lines and paths. The latter is developed using a set of pixels on a fixed grid, which are commonly found in photography. While a case can be made for both of these options, we give you five advantages of using vectors in your designs.

Vector Designs Are More Aesthetically Appealing

The details of a vector image are clearer and the lines are finer too. This keeps the designs visually appealing, regardless of the size of the image. The same simply cannot be said for bitmaps as the end product will be blurred if the actual size of the image or the design is altered.

5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

Whether you stretch or skewer this vector city, it’ll stay pretty.

Vector Designs Can Be Easily Created

With the use of a creative program like Vectr, these vector illustrations can be easily developed. This is especially useful as the end result can be made to showcase the complexity of a product. Not to mention, the added intricacy to the design might just help to win over some overly demanding clients (we’ve all been there, guys)!

5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

Vectors Make Great Logos

Vector designs can be scaled to any size, without having to sacrifice on its visual quality. This is a vital factor for designers or digital artists as their logos can be used across several platforms, be it on massive billboards in city centers or on a small section of a business card. The flexibility of vectors also makes it a great source for merchandize, as the initial vector logos can be printed on a variety of items, ranging from mugs to t-shirts and coasters to refrigerator magnets.

5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

Vectors Can Be Easily Edited

Graphics in a vector design can be conveniently altered. Here, the entire design does not have to be scrapped off to begin a fresh one. The parts which need to be fixed can merely be chosen and then re-edited. Aspects such as colors, layouts, and the background can be easily changed with a single click. Thus, speeding up the entire process, and saving the designers from an extra early wrinkle or two.

5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

Easily edit your ready-made vector, like this one above!

Vectors Have Smaller File Sizes

Unlike bitmap images which require the storage of every pixel, vector designs are simply saved as objects. In addition, vectors are also resolution independent. Therefore, making it ideal for sharing and downloading.

5 Advantages of Using Vectors In Your Designs

Download, share and resize vectors without losing resolution!

If you feel like the inner designer in you is screaming out loud, then check out these collections of vector designs for your very first masterpiece! As for seasoned artists, draw your inspiration from these picture-perfect vector landscapes.

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