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4 Fun Winter Design Trends!

Tis the season for trendy winter designs! Today we’ll dive into some common projects to keep you full of inspiration. Whether you love the versatility of Photoshop, or the clean vector style of Illustrator, tackle these projects with your favorite software and a cup of comforting hot chocolate.

1. Holiday Themed Graphics During the winter season, there are so many holidays to be inspired by. Holidays are a special time of the year where we gather together as friends and family to enjoy the people we love. Use this time to spread the holiday spirit by creating some holiday themed graphics. From Christmas to New Year’s, the design possibilities are limitless and you don’t have to feel confined to just one! Here are a couple of graphics that are perfect for holiday customization. Dive right in and spread the holiday cheer!

  1. Cards

  2. Invitations

  3. Wallpapers

  4. Calendars

  5. Posters

2. Seasonal Winter Graphics When you think about the brisk winter season what comes to mind? Nothing is quite like that first sight of snow on the ground and the realization that a special time of year is right around the corner. Winter is not just for the holidays. Celebrate the sights and activities that come along with this cold transition.

Snow capped mountains, warm fuzzy scarves, and adventurous skiing activities are just a few non-holiday related themes that can inspire any great design. Use the list from above to try out these themes, or integrate them into your own fun filled designs.

3. Customize Your Brand Add personality to your website and brand by customizing it throughout the different seasons. Google is famous for this with its seasonal logo designs that work greatly for holiday cheer and a fun interaction. Whether it’s a string of Christmas lights or a gingerbread man next to your logo, small quirky additions let your clients feel closer to you. A great way to make yourself more approachable, customizing your brand is a sure fire way to stand out from the crowd and show off your talents!

4. Out with the Old… In with the New Year! Did you make any New Year Resolutions? Make 2016 the year to update your portfolio for a fresh start. Push yourself to include updated artwork and current projects you’re working on. Clients will be delighted at the versatility of your craft and follow your progression over time. Find new ways to highlight the accomplishments of the past year while showing what you will bring to the next one. Keep this up throughout the years and your portfolio will only get stronger!

There is always inspiration around you. Take advantage of the beautiful winter season to inspire great designs! Share with us your work and any design trends that you love!


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