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3 Bestselling Stock Photo Collections In April 2017

When you’re struck with millions of visual content in our media library, it can get pretty overwhelming in deciding which portfolio to look at first. How about this: A feature on our three top contributors of the month, each with a unique style and concept that will inspire your projects. Let’s begin with…

We call her the “Green Queen” as her portfolio is swathed with nature and produce shots. Expect baskets of vegetables, strawberries as red as rubies, a lone butterfly on delicate wild flowers, like a breath of fresh air.

Stock Photo - Fresh organic strawberries in white plate close-up

Stock Photo - Fresh seasonal organic vegetable in wicker basket

Evidently a digital painting fan from Thailand, the work is in a way – artistic, hinging on the brink of conceptual. Something that will fit in very nicely with games and graphic novels. Have fun.

Illustration - man and woman standing opposite of each other against colorful sky,illustration painting

Outdoors is where you wanna be when looking at this collection – the nature of these visuals are so real and genuine that we just can’t keep our eyes off!

Do you like our contributor highlight? Let us know below and we will keep introducing some top artists in our gallery for all your imaging needs!

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