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24 Logo Design Tips For Any Passionate Business Owner

Stock Photo - Business Corporation Analysis Strategy Corporate Concept

If you own a business or intend to start one, you will know that brand building is top-of-mind in your business plan. After all, there is only one chance to really make a good impression and what makes you memorable.

Introducing logo design.

Why do you think corporations spend a fortune on just fine-tuning their logo and highlighting it on every advertising campaign? It’s because if it’s executed well, your customers/clients will relate to it better and hence, a trusting relationship is forged.

Now for the fun part, the design of your logo. It shouldn’t be over-complicated but it does need to look good and most importantly, relevant and instantly recognizable. So while simplicity is the key, the graphics, fonts and colors must work together as well. Don’t worry! If you’re new to this, we have curated an informative piece by DesignMantic – emphasizing 24 tips that will help in your logo design. Scroll away…

What do you think peeps? Find it helpful? If you have any other tips, feel free to share in the comments below!

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