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20 AI-Generated Photos That Remind Us Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Inside of a Spaceship Driving at Hyper Speed, Space Travelers flying through the space, Astronauts in Space, Spacecraft travel backgrounds, 3D Rendering

Are you a fan of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movies? We absolutely love them!

After watching Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket and the rest of the crew in the latest of the trilogy, we couldn't resist delving deeper into the fascinating intersection of space exploration and AI-generated artwork.

The space-laden superhero films are known for their breathtaking visuals of the vast expanse of space and imaginative world-building, inspiring creatives worldwide to bring their own visions of an otherworldly galaxy to life.

In this blog, we'll showcase 20 stunning images that just look straight out of the movie.

Perfectly capturing the beauty and wonder of space, these images were generated using the latest AI technology and are sure to take your breath away.

So buckle up, and let's embark on a journey through the cosmos!

A dreamy celestial sky

Celestial sky illustration

Hyperspeed space travel

Alien Astronaut in space

Extraterrestrial exploration

Alien world illustration

Alien life forms


Black hole beauty

Black hole

A colony on an unknown planet

Human colony on unknown planet, surreal mystical fantasy artwork. Generative AI.

Girl in the space helmet

Portrait of an astronaut woman in spacesuit. 3d rendering

Riding with the wolves

Astronaut riding wolf on Mars landscape. Concept of orange light on outer. Finest generative AI.

A system of wonders

Where stars are born

Space background with stardust and shining stars. Realistic cosmos and color nebula. colorful galaxy. Generative AI.

City above the clouds

Futuristic skyscraper above the clouds. Generative AI design

Majestic milky way

Nature Majestic Glowing Milky Way in Astronomy generated by artificial intelligence

Tree in the cosmos

an epic scifi inspired cherry tree in space, violet background, ai generated image

A comfortable cutie

A cute little alien with a big eyes sits in a warm sweater and looks into the camera.

A spaceship encounter

Sci-fi spaceship above aliens, digital illustration painting artwork

A world beyond imagination

Fantasy alien planet. 3D illustration of a fantasy alien planet.

Above a metropolis

Huge Radial Spaceship above Metropolis on Alien Planet Sci-Fi 3D Art Illustration. Colossal Starship of Ancient Cosmic Civilization Abstract Background. AI Neural Network Generated Art Wide Wallpaper

Traveling towards the unknown

Inside of a Spaceship Driving at Hyper Speed, Space Travelers flying through the space, Astronauts in Space, Spacecraft travel backgrounds, 3D Rendering

What do you think? Doesn’t it just remind you of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy?

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 yet?

If so, what did you think of it? Did it live up to your expectations, or did it fall short?

Regardless of your thoughts on the movie, we hope you enjoyed this collection of images that evoke the sci-fi wonder and excitement of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe.

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