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15 Seamless Patterns For Cloth Mask DIYs

With the CDC encouraging the proper use of face masks, it has become a trend to create DIY cloth masks, particularly for healthcare professionals and officials who need to use them daily. By running a quick web search, you can find plenty of organizations out there that are currently seeking donations for cloth face masks to aid healthcare workers working with Covid-19 patients worldwide.

Tip: While some hospitals make donation requests for homemade masks, it’s advisable to keep following the CDC’s guidelines when creating your DIYs.

Whether you plan to use cotton fabric, coffee filters or attaching a piece of flexible metal inside the mask for a better fit, these trendy, seamless patterns can conceal it all and add a little extra zhush. Moreover, you get to customize your mask to suit your personal style.

Christina Krivonos, 123RF.

astronight, 123RF.

astronight, 123RF.

korolyok, 123RF.

Marina Vorontsova, 123RF.

Seamless pattern by Natalia Hubbert, 123RF.

Natalia Hubbert, 123RF.

Natalia Hubbert, 123RF.

Yulia Malykhina, 123RF.

Marble design pattern by katisa, 123RF.

Designed by Yulia Malykhina, 123RF.

Trendy pattern design by Yulia Malykhina, 123RF.

Cactus designs by Yulia Malykhina, 123RF.

Constellation seamless patterns by Tomáš Koval?ík, 123RF.

Floral seamless pattern designed by Vialeta Novik, 123RF.

In conclusion, you can discover all of these and many more in our library. All you need to do is type the keywords “seamless pattern” in the search bar to explore an extensive collection of available designs and illustrations on 123RF. Other keywords that you can use are floral pattern, dinosaur pattern, and constellation pattern, for example.

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