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World Tourism Day: A focus on Travel Photographers

On September 27, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) celebrates World Tourism Day. The agency is responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

This year’s World Tourism Day focuses on the importance of the travel industry for job opportunities. The theme of ‘Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All’ see the positive impact of this popular sector in the efforts to improve skills, education and career opportunities, for communities all over the globe. 

Travel photographers are one of the main beneficiaries of this initiative. We live in a world where there is an increasing need for discovery of our planet. People are no longer bound to a single place for their entire lives. The rise of the freelance economy and remote work is a testament to the above.

This brings us to travel photographers who now have the means to earn a living from their work. Therefore, the rise of the travel industry will directly lead to a higher demand for more photos, as hotels, magazines, local tourism companies, government agencies and airlines would need to market the best bits of their locations.  

Swapping capes and masks for winter jackets and bucket hats, travel photographers brave the immense cold and sweltering heat to bring us the best bits of the world. From the majestic peaks of the Himalayas to the fascinating underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and the sheer remoteness of Patagonia, there’s no destination that’s too far for these dedicated bunch. 

In a bid to pay homage to our travel photographers for 2019’s World Tourism Day, we’ve compiled a collection of breathtaking photos that’s bound to leave you in a serious thirst for wanderlust. Are your bags packed? 

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