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Why Learning A New Language Makes You More Creative

Learning a new language brings you many great benefits. Aside from giving your brain a workout, you get to converse with another part of the world. How cool is that? Exploring another country’s environment without traveling there is a perfect way to discover how the language and culture was born.

You’ll Develop Higher Levels Of Innovative Thinking

Why Learning A New Language Makes You More Creative

When your brain accesses a wider vocabulary, you’re able to produce more ideas and concepts because your mind is open. Innovative thinking is easily activated through someone who is bilingual or multilingual compared to someone who has mastered only one language. It’s all thanks to the learning curve of expressing yourself in another language. Developing cultural awareness and new modes of expression is also a contributing factor to one’s levels of creativity. Imagine cooking up one idea and having five to seven different angles leading from that one concept!

You’ll Greatly Improve At Multitasking

Why Learning A New Language Makes You More Creative

Getting better at multitasking is also another creative factor! Who doesn’t want to be able to handle several different creative projects at once? 😉 By learning a new language, your mind is challenged to multitask in a specific manner. Say your primary mother tongue is English, and you’re in the middle of learning Tibetan. When someone speaks to you in Tibetan, your brain translates the words from Tibetan into English. Naturally, you would formulate your response in English before translating it to Tibetan as you reply back. Giving your brain a workout in this mode exhibits your creative flexibility.

You’ll Overcome The Fear of Failure

Why Learning A New Language Makes You More Creative

Saying the wrong word or screwing up is vital to the learning process when it comes to mastering a new language! No one adopts the fluency of a new language straight away, so stumbling and fumbling with speech is one of the best ways to learn. Getting uncomfortable with speaking in a halting manner and riding through it will definitely increase your creative thinking. Your brain finds ways for you to communicate better and in a much more natural, fluid manner. Identically, you’ll slide into a more comfortable state of experiencing the unknown. Check out how to get over that security blanket of your comfort zone and better handle dealing with the unfamiliar.

You’ll Have A Chance To Flex Those Cognitive Muscles

Why Learning A New Language Makes You More Creative

Your creative personality will blossom when your brain processes new and complex information. A new language will definitely expand your brain’s ability to think creatively. Imagine viewing the world through a different perspective or lens compared to your current standpoint. This is because a new linguistic system somewhat forces you to get familiar with a different country’s customs and culture. Here’s where your own personality makes some switches in order to adapt. And allowing your creative muscles to adapt to new challenges will let you gain better cognitive flexibility. Say hello to being more alert, focused, and having sharper thinking!

You’ll Be More Tolerant When Faced With Challenges

Why Learning A New Language Makes You More Creative

Learning a new language also teaches you patience. Just like every learning curve, it’s a slow and steady process. As your mind has adapted to being challenged, you’ll be more open to approaching risks in everyday situations. And taking risks opens many gateways to new opportunities and possibilities in your life, both every day and work-wise. You’ll also gain better tolerance toward different cultures because you’ll learn of another country’s cultural acceptance and differences. When you learn a foreign language, you’re gaining insight into how people of that country think. It enables you to understand why they behave in a certain manner and why they have adopted certain customs and beliefs.

Even if you don’t manage to get fluent in another language, the act of learning it will vastly impact your creativity. You’ll also launch on a journey of self-discovery to see how fast and how far you can achieve a language learning goal. Along the way, if your stomach is rumbling, make a quick stop to discover why your creativity is just a bite away.

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