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Wanna Know What Happens in Avengers Endgame?

HAHA! Gotchaaa. Look who’s not so marvel-ous now!

With Avengers Endgame taking social media by storm, our sense of FOMO has massively kicked in, considering how we’ve yet to watch this blockbuster. Therefore, in a bid to get in on the action, we’ve curated a list of what your favorite characters look like, with stock photos.

Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here.

Hah! We told you so.


Will the real Tony Stark please stand up?


Now that’s what a real man looks like. Take note, Ironman.

Captain America

U. S. A.


When you realize your local weatherman was Hulk all this while, with the help of a big green screen!

Ant Man

We’d bet he could exterminate the heck out of Thanos.


What else did you expect?

Rocket Raccoon

Here’s a raccoon and a rocket. (We’re nailing this, aren’t we?)


Eyes of steel.


Not so tough now eh, Thanos?

Black widow (Proceed with caution)

We hate to admit it, but we told you so. Although do note, this is all done in fun and laughs. We do not mean to disrespect anyone (dead or alive) here. Peace.

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