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Visit The Vibrant 3D World of FOREAL Studio

Explore Vibrantly Vivid Designs with FOREAL® Studio

Using bold, vivid colors that make their visuals pop, Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster from FOREAL® Studio put the kooky in creative.

The Vibrant 3D World of FOREAL Studio

Based in Trier, Germany, this innovative duo have a burgeoning portfolio showcasing their talent – famous for bringing out the fun side of every brand’s product aesthetics. With their bright, imaginative 3D designs, they have created various creative concepts for a plethora of brands: Microsoft, Swatch, Adobe, Nike, Samsung, and Sephora to name a few.

The Vibrant 3D World of FOREAL Studio

Their creative services have a broad range from mixed media, editorial lettering, 3D typography, CGI productions, animation, to advertising and commercials. Explore more of Benjamin and Dirk’s projects on their website or follow them on Instagram.

The Vibrant 3D World of FOREAL Studio

All images belong to FOREAL® Studio.

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