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Top Stock Photos And Vectors Of October 2012

Happy November everybody 

Looks like a brand new year is within our reach and we’re over the moon! How many of you are as excited as us? 

This month, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving! Our friends, family and loved ones are always the source of our confidence and happiness. We’ve come across many moments in life where our hearts are filled with gratitude towards them. So, don’t miss the opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them being in your life through precious snapshots of your loved ones with your trusty camera. Send in and share these beautiful photographs with us.Your stunning photograph could be featured in our list of top downloaded images next month!

Do have a look at our Top Downloaded Images (Credits and Subscriptions) for the month of October.

I. Credit Downloads Category

II. Subscription Downloads Category

This Thanksgiving, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your amazing and overwhelming support, you’ve been nothing but incredible to us! 

We’ve got more coming your way so stay tuned!

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