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The Watercolor And Brush Calligraphy Collection (With Freebies!)

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love script fonts and creatively designed typography with neat quotes. Fonts are a huge part of my creative arsenal, and when it comes to designing, I’m always spoiled for choice with TheHungryJPEG’s collection. To top it off, they have a great set of free downloadable fonts that aren’t just limited to script or calligraphic styles.

Beautifully curved, script fonts definitely make a statement, and should be the focal point in your design projects. I would definitely recommend these fonts as an added effect to elegant, feminine creations. Check out all these incredible free typefaces that you can easily download and add to your creations right away.

This font Natsuki is one of my go-to fonts to create quotes, especially when paired with cute, dainty graphics. The hand-drawn style gives it a more custom, personalized look which is pretty eye-catching for social content like Instagram posts.

Honestly, there’s a whole collection of free fonts – not limited to just calligraphy and script styles – for you to download away. Just click the link below to start downloading the ones that strike your fancy!

Brush And Watercolor Graphics

The Watercolor And Brush Calligraphy Collection (With Freebies!) - 123RF Blog

Happy New Year 2020. Vector lettering.

As an ever-growing creative content producer, I’m constantly searching for the best and easiest ways to obtain great graphics. Design is also in a constant state of flux, with evolving trends and new niches to explore. Whether you’re creating for user interfaces, promotional and marketing materials, or social media, look no further than our creative resources. 123RF has a vast collection of brush and calligraphy vectors that you can easily purchase and download.

This soft pastel colored Pumpkin Rose graphics are a perfect addition to dainty Halloween or autumn season creations. It’s free to download, by the way, so just click the photo above to get craftin’.

Watercolors pair well with script and calligraphy styled typefaces, so the best way I achieve a trendy, feminine effect is with this equation. With up to 9 different watercolor backgrounds – and stunning colors, too! – imagine all the different designs you can create. Click the image above to download the watercolor freebie set!

Mermaid scales. Watercolor fish scales. Bright summer pattern with reptilian scales.

Vibrant patterns like the one above can be used in a variety of designs because they create an impactful visual. With an array of attractive colors available, I’d love to use these on creating phone wallpapers or custom mug designs! I’m an absolute sucker for pretty things on my desk because it gives me something cute to look at. There’s an endless possibility to the things you can create with these types of watercolor patterns.

Not to mention, glitter goes well with watercolor graphics, too, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity! Pair glitter-styled calligraphy fonts like the one above to replicate this very trendy effect. I can already see this design on my laptop skin for the summer.

Brush Textures

A versatile addition to any design, brush textures remain a go-to choice for any project that needs a creative boost. Simple patterns, colors and textures can go a long way when it comes to visual design. Picture any of the artsy textured graphics below enhancing your creations with a touch of cool.

Abstract Paint Glittering Textured Art Pattern Background. Vector Illustration EPS10

Silver brush glitter with a white frame on a white marble background illustration

Watercolor Textures

Paint strokes and brush strokes are almost always digitally available in either an inky texture or purely watercolor. Patterns, textures and shapes look a lot more interesting when colored in a watercolor style. Something that was simple and would be otherwise repetitive can be transformed into an interesting detail when watercolors are applied.

Download the Watercolor Paint Strokes in Holly Jolly for free on TheHungryJPEG! Pair it with your own creations for effortless style and creativity.

Get all of these and more on TheHungryJPEG. If you need to get some quick editing done, check out Pixlr X.

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