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The Modern Workplace: Discover Stock Photo Scenes

How would you prepare a modern workplace setting for a series of photos with the intention of submitting to stock libraries? There are a lot of things a photography team has to think about, in terms of scouting locations and casting for talent. Getting property and model releases cleared should be one of the most important steps before a photo shoot. Kudos if you’re a solo photographer preparing everything on their own!

Speaking of property, photos of workplace scenes don’t always have to stay limited in the office circle. Outside of office buildings, there are people working everywhere, providing you with a plethora of choice scenes. Think about people working on outdoor sites such as construction projects, roadworks, logging, agricultural plantations, livestock farms and many more. Florists, bakeries, restaurants, flight attendants, athletes, mechanics, delivery crew, lecturers, paramedics… these are all jobs outside of your standard startup or corporate.

Contributor ammentorp does an incredible job with her wide variety of occupational scenes.

Explore more photography in Konstantin Pelikh’s collection of assorted workplace scenes.

Contributor dolgachov has a collection that features diverse, well-taken occupational shots.

Get some unique stock photo shots of global working environments with photographer Fabio Formaggio.

There are many modern workplace themes to choose from, and it’s perfect once you get clearance to use a location. Go wild with your ideas on angles of working scenarios and think out of the box. Working hazards, ideal working moments, stressful instances, joyful episodes – there are plenty of ways to kick off stock photo themes.

Anytime you need more inspiration, look to 123RF‘s library for more modern workplace content. Discover modern workplace designs here, explore sibling relationships portrayed in stock photos, or sign up as a contributor to begin earning.

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