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The Bride Who Said I Do – A Valentine Classic

“Lucy, it’s time.”

She sat by the bedside scattered with pink rose petals, nervously clasping a beautiful hand bouquet. At the sound of her mother’s voice, she stood gingerly on her brand new 6-inch stilettos encrusted with tiny pink pearls.

“I’m ready.” She took a deep breath. Inhale… she walked towards the wooden church doors, treading carefully around her long lacy train with butterflies in her stomach. When the wedding music played – a Shania Twain classic – her father’s weathered hand in her manicured one, Lucy took a step forward…right foot..left foot…breathe…repeat…

Finally, the man she loves takes her hand and gazed into her eyes with utmost adoration at the sight of his lovely bride. He mouths “I love you” as he slips the simple silver band on her finger, sealing their love on the double initials marked underneath. She smiles. They say “I do”. The veil lifts….

*Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Dear Readers!*

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