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Stock Audio That Doesn’t Even Sound Like Stock! (Free Music Clips)

Stock Photo - Banjo player in the country band

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart”

And if you think the world is lack of such wonderful pieces of musical art, think again. Forget Miley Cyrus and her wrecking balls, this month’s featured audio collection will have you tapping your toes and humming away like nobody’s around. Cinematic, Jazz, Reggae, take your pick.

Who said stock audio is boring and blah? Listen for yourself, we dare you!

1) Swirling A Glass Of Wine

Imagine yourself lounging in a high-class bar, glass of Shiraz in hand, listening to jazz musicians serenading your night away!

2) For Jovy

You’ve received a task, brace yourself and reach greater heights to achieve it!

3) Rina Dance And Jazz

Jump up out of your seat right now and move those feet, do a smooth turn and repeat!

Stock Photo - Elegant saxophonist plays jazz on dark background in a smoke

4) Attack On Giants

Something’s about to happen..sounds like a chair-gripping scene and at the end, a hero emerges…

5) Irie Mon, Don’t Worry

In New Orleans, watching buskers on the streets with a cup of coffee and a plate of famous beignets

6) We Jump

Folk music!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, here’s that beat and….Jump!

View and download all featured audio clips here: Featured Dance Music For Your Hippie Soul

Stock Audio That Doesn't Even Sound Like Stock! (Free Music Clips)

View and download free audio clips here: Free Audio Clips For That Hop In Your Step

Stock Audio That Doesn't Even Sound Like Stock! (Free Music Clips)

If you can’t get enough of these short clips, search for the FULL version of these tunes via our search bar located at the top of our audio page.

So there you have it peeps, something that you can download and play at your ear’s content. Watch out for the next wave of featured tunes and let us know your favorites at the comments below.

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