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Spring 2019: Top Photos and Vectors

It’s April! Have you been searching for spring-themed photos or vector illustrations? Explore our Likebox of spring-related stock content down below.

Spring 2019: Top Photos and Vectors


Here’s a roundup of what you can expect for images featuring Spring season:

Enter spring + your desired term into the 123RF search bar!

Spring 2019: Top Photos and Vectors

Wondering what font set we’re using in this GIF? Check out Mermaid Lagoon from TheHungryJPEG!


Soft, warm, natural hues. For example, the most popular color for spring-themed searches seems to be a soft, tranquil green.

Photography themes

Wide angles of grassy fields, macro shots of dewy grass, and choice angles of cherry blossom trees. For Spring’s Easter theme, we see plenty of colorful egg arrangements and brightly painted Easter eggs. Flower fields, beautifully arranged floral bouquets or flower arrangements are also popular themes for top downloaded photography.

With models involved, we see more imagery of happy children running through lush flower fields. For family-themes, women and children wearing flower crowns as they enjoy spring weather outdoors are also a popular choice for downloads.

Spring is also lambing season, which means great shots of adorable little lambs prancing in grassy fields.

Vector illustration themes

Expect to see calligraphy quotes celebrating spring season, and floral designs that feature a strong focus on nature. Lush greenery in graphic elements are also a popular choice for downloads. Get creative with floral elements painted in watercolor, or choose to go with ready-to-use floral web banners in your designs!

Use the keyword spring in your searches and maximize your creativity by using our stock content in your projects. Already have the content, but need a little designing kickstart? Explore our tutorials page for some creative inspiration.

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