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5 Vectors For Your Summer Marketing Campaign

Happy people relaxing at swimming pool. Young men and women in swimwear taking sun, floating on rubber rings, playing ball in water. Can be used for pool party, summer activity concepts

Picture this: The warm sun on your skin, parts of it hiding within the thin shadows of palm leaves. A bottle of tanning lotion, a good beach read, and the crashing of the waves just loud enough to put you in complete bliss.

Summer is right around the corner, and your marketing campaigns are looking to go through a summer transformation. One of the many ways is through the use of vector graphics.

Why use vector graphics for marketing?

The most significant benefit of vector graphics is that you can resize them in any way without compromising their quality. Another plus point about vectors is that they're not going to eat up your storage despite the excellent resolution quality.

Not only that, but we know how big of a role user experience plays in a consumer's scrolling on the internet and browsing from page to feed. Depending on how optimized your website is to different devices, sometimes large photographs don't appear the same as they would on a laptop screen. But for vector graphics, they can get away with these errors much more effortless.

Now that you know the perks of vectors, here are five vector graphics you can use for your summer marketing campaign:

Beach vibes

Summer background, vector illustration of the evening beach at sunset with waves, clouds and a plane flying in the sky, seaside view poster

Nothing says summer quite like the sand, sun, and sea. A really exciting goodbye to cooler months like spring, and on comes the season of fun in the sun. Make sure to include a visual of the beach to drive home the message that summer is here.

With some visuals of ocean waves, swimsuits, and floaties perfect for chilling in the ocean, it’ll definitely help attract consumers and give them a sneak peek of the season!

Brazilian carnival concept with dancing people and beach symbols isometric vector illustration

Green tropical palm banana leaves with shadow seamless vector patternon the pink background

girl cartoon on float at pool with leaves top view design, Summer vacation and tropical theme Vector illustration

Fruity summer

In between lazing around in flip-flops and tank tops, road trips, or going to an amusement park, how can you forget about the fruits that are totally in season right now? When it comes to summer, most products and brands will launch colorful, seasonal, or tropical items that most definitely have fruits featured on them.

That’s because fruits like mangoes, coconuts, or watermelon are one of the classic summer must-haves, be it on a marketing campaign or on a product itself. Most wouldn’t hesitate to cut open a watermelon for refreshing pick me up under the summer heat to rehydrate and replenish essential minerals.

Summer Seamless pattern with pineapples Graphic stylized drawing Vector illustration

Cute cartoon mango characters set in flat style. Vector illustration isolated on white background

Sun’s out

Orange abstract comic book background. Rays, spiral. The classic gradient. Vector illustration.

Weather in the summer can be ruthless. Tan lines and sunburns are almost like the stamp of summer, so don’t miss out on the vectors of sunscreen too! And of course, we can’t forget to mention the very cause of sunburns – the sun and sun rays that peek out of the clouds in the endless sky. Lucky for you, we’ve got some pretty cool vector graphics of these elements you can use for your summer marketing campaign.

Sun emoji. Funny summer spring sunshine rays sun baby happy morning emoticons. Cartoon sunny smiling faces vector solar icons

Eat, sleep, travel, repeat

Passport stamp seamless pattern. International arrivals sign rubber, visa airport stamps and watermarks.

School’s out during the summertime, and that’s the best time of the year for college students to go on a summer vacation with their friends. Get creative with it; use vector graphics of passports and their stamps, classic road trip destinations, a caravan, luggage, huge backpacks, or other travel essentials to spark an idea in your audience.

Driving along the Big Sur Coast from Carmel to Cambria, camping underneath the star-filled sky. Use vector graphics to tap into your audience to build a better connection with them!

Summer travel vector illustration. Summer holidays coming concept. Car travel concept

Sandy beach and road to the sea on the sand summer

We scream for ice cream

Set of different ice cream isolatedon white background cartoon dessert vector illustration

Now's the time to feature all the great ice cream vector graphics because when the scorching sun is beaming down on us, ice cream always sounds amazingly inviting. You know your audience deserves a chilly snow treat!

These ice cream vectors are effective as summer festival brochures, children's events, or even the launch of your unique seasonal ice cream flavor. The ways to use vector graphics are genuinely endless.

Vector set of different and gradient ice-creams

Portrait of a beautiful woman in a cap, with long hair, in a bright sundress, holding an ice cream. Summer concept. The confident girl isolated on a white background.


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