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Simplify Your Design Projects with 123RF's AI Tools

Navigating the creative process can be a thrilling yet challenging journey. But what if there were tools to streamline that process and make your creative work more efficient? At 123RF, we've designed innovative AI tools to do just that. Join us as we embark on a mock campaign journey and discover how these tools can help you meet even the most "imaginative" client demands.


The Scenario: The Impossible Client Brief

Let's set the scene. You're tasked with creating a campaign for a client whose requests are, let's say, "uniquely challenging". They want a unicorn in a forest, an astronaut surfing in space, and a fusion of modern and vintage building styles in the same frame. You start questioning your life choices but fear not, 123RF's AI tools are here to save the day!


Step 1:

The Inspiration Generator

Every creative journey starts with a spark of inspiration. When dealing with such an eclectic brief, our AI-powered Search feature can help get the creative juices flowing. As you type in your initial keywords, we'll provide related suggestions that might ignite ideas you hadn't considered before. This intuitive tool adapts to your creative process, offering a diverse array of possibilities that align with your vision, ensuring that you are never stuck for ideas. Plus, as you explore these suggestions, you'll discover unexpected connections and themes, potentially opening up new, exciting avenues for your project.


Step 2:

Experimentation with AI Image Variations

Feeling inspired and ready to create? Great, let's get started! You've found an image, but it's not quite perfect. No worries! Use the AI Image Variation feature. Simply click "Generate" and observe the transformations your selected image undergoes. This process helps you refine your vision and pinpoint your ideal starting point.


Step 3:

Conceptualization with AI Image Generator

Now, let's unleash your creativity without any complex tools. 123RF's AI Image Generator makes it easy. Just type your idea into the box to prompt the AI. Plus, you can download your chosen image from step 2 and use it as a guide. Upload this reference, then decide how closely you want your new AI-generated image to resemble it. Whether you seek similarity or difference, just select your preference and watch the magic unfold as the AI crafts your vision into reality!


Step 4:

Drafting & Storyboarding

As you begin to draft a storyboard, you can use the AI Image Generator to visualize different parts of your narrative. This helps in creating a coherent flow and ensuring your concept aligns with the overall client brief.


The path from a creative brief to the final product can be an intricate journey, filled with twists and turns. However, with 123RF's suite of AI tools, this process can become a whole lot smoother. From the initial inspiration stage to the final touches, these tools are designed to assist, inspire, and simplify your creative process. So, embrace the creative odyssey, knowing you're well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

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