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Receive A Gift Of Music This Christmas (Free Audio Clips)

christmas music 2016

The holiday season is beckoning and it’s the time to bring out the stockings and Christmas lights. But what truly brings the season alive is some Holiday Music! Whether you are serenading your loved one or playing it softly in the background as you prep a scrumptious feast, we have specially composed some lovely tap-worthy tunes featured below!

Now, go pour yourself a glass of wine or whisky, sit back, prop your feet up and let the music take your imagination far far away into Winter Wonderland!

Think about the time when you were a kid and you wake up, lo and behold: Christmas morning! You rush over to the Christmas tree in your little striped PJs, simply couldn’t wait to open up those present and start playing with them. That’s the type of joy you will expect from this tune.

A jazzy rendition of a classic tune. Picture an apartment in New York City, countdown is just around the corner and the streets are rife with merrymaking, a young couple spending their first Christmas eve chilling at home along with a bottle of wine and Netflix. A quiet evening just for 2.

Stock Photo - Portrait of Santa Claus sitting at his room at home near Christmas tree

Not quite, but soon! This upbeat melody reminds us of outdoor winter adventures – sledding down the hill on metal trays, snowball fights, skating in the neighborhood rink with the other kids, chasing winter hares into their burrows, all that fun stuff!

Ahh, it’s a rendezvous…..One of those out-of-the-blue Christmas dates where you dress up, wash your hair and scrub behind your ears for once, spritz on some expensive perfume and shine your shoes. Hopefully it will be the one you will kiss under the mistletoe when the clock strikes 12.

Stock Photo - Christmas background with Christmas decoration

If you’re looking to jazz up your Christmas reunion, look no further with this classic.This is what you play when you’re carving up the turkey and passing them potatoes around the dining table while Grandma Suzy snoozes in her rocking chair.

Stock Photo - Traditional homemade christmas cake holiday dessert with cranberry in new year tree decorations frame on vintage wooden table background. Rustic style. Top view

A bustling shopping mall, a neverending to-do list, no time on your hands. Listen to the frantic rush for last minute presents as you scramble amidst the unforgiving crowd who seem to be out with a vengeance to derail your holiday plans. Let’s just hope the family will love your gifts!

View and download all featured audio clips here: Featured Holiday Music For Your Festive Soul

123rf stock audio christmas

Wait! We’re not done giving you the goods! What do you say to 6 FREE short versions of holiday music? How about a “Thank You”? =D

View and download free audio clips here: Free Audio Clips For A Taste Of Holiday

123rf stock audio christmas

Just like how you can never simply have a taste of Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, search for the FULL version of these tunes via our search bar located at the top of our audio page.

To help you along your search for the best suited music for your need, here are some keywords that will speed up the process so you can focus more on planning a wonderful Christmas for your family!

123rf stock audio christmas

<<<< Christmas, holiday, seasonal, Christmas celebration, inspiring Christmas, Christmas carol, Christmas jingle or any public domain Christmas songs*>>>

*Examples of public domain Christmas songs:

Angels We Have Heard On High, Auld Lang Syne, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Silent Night

So there you have it peeps! A bounty of holiday tunes to ring in the joyful season! Let us know your favorites at the comments below.

Stock Photo - portrait of happy family blowing winter snow
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